posted on March 4, 2008 at 12:52 am

my day beats your year
voices in my head
nag nag nag
just say no
oh ha ha ha ha ha
kilbey you born to travel
kilbey your job is was and always will be to travel my son
a sham man
a shaman
i am i am i am
all lions are cats
all cats are lions
blah blah is a drug
all drugs are bad
i know cos the govt told me
i read it in the paper
i sit next to terry stamp in the sauna today
im sitting next to terry fucking stamp
watching the mellifluous green pacific roll in
unroll and travel
containing its bream and sharks and bluebottles
its whales and rays and weeds
tell the ocean not to travel
tell the ocean to be careful
terry meets julie every saturday
terry stamp
oh terry terry talk to me
lemme be yer friend terry
one soft infested summer me n terry became friends
terry looks at me
terry cmon talk to me
oh those pale blue eyes terry
did lou write that about you
terry come home i’ll play you the collector
terry yer brother managed the who
terry sits and does alternate nostril breathing
terry has the aura of a roman senator
his aged dignity even outflanks his youthful beauty
and kilbey
look at you look at you
why the aya has aged ya and youthened ya
kilbey those lines and cracks and hollows
kilbey those planes and angles of your face
the lovely line of your jaw
the bags under your eyes
the silvery whiteness of your beard
your yellowing cracking teeth
your perfect pink nose
your thin fine hair which floats around
medium fleshy lobed ears with golden rings
the price of my own burial
whats coming up in the future, kilbey? the man said
death …..
terrys in the shower
i declined to check out his tackle
that would make me as bad as the omni-present school kids
clogging up the change room
n weeing in the pool
last night
my daughter aurora
with the devil in her eyes
cmon dad cmon
we passed a real estate sign
the agents were danny and bart doff
immediately i remember their brothers
jack doff
nick doff
piss doff
lay doff
aurora thinks this is hilarious
that night we hit the sign
bugger doff
jerk doff
terry looks at sea and sighs
hes talking to another english geezer
oh whatta voice
oh whatta accent
if terry was a car hed be a classic jaguar
last night after nk n girls go to bed
i work on my painting
the vegetalista
i start with the biggest paper i got
eekie bought me every size they got
i got little up to big
i paint the paper black in gouache paint
not velvet black
not lamp black
jet black
black as night
black as coal
i wanna paint it paint it black
i see terry go by dressed in his summer clothes
onto this black void
i take a special sponge applicator
i take my new pastels which are not sticks
but little pots of pastel
and a loada different applicators
this stuff so easy to use
so intuitive
so hands on
make up yer technique baby
you can get it real organic
i do a heart shaped white thing
in the middle which will be the face
i rub away at it with my faber-castell knetgummi
art rubber
my process is to add and subtract constantly
one must avoid any stiffness in art
nature flows in certain ways
the trees
the ocean
the clouds
humans and other creatures
our dimensions
our ratios
they have a flow and pattern
easy to recognize
hard to replicate
you gotta get in the flow
you gotta see that trees move in certain ways
that eyes are shaped in others
no human heavy handedness
few lines few squares few definite lines
you gotta figure out shadow
just like in music you gotta figure out reverb/echo
thats right, not only the the object and /or sound
but its shadows and echoes
terry looks at himself in the mirror
who knows what he thinks?
aurora and eve and the woofle stand on the footpath
im up the wall writing all the funny doffs i can think of
and putting moustaches n specs on the doff boys ugly mugs
aurora n eve are beside themselves giggling screaming
daddy quick theres someone coming…
eventually my face appears on the black paper
next a forest a jungle springs up all around me
vines and lianas
flowers and fronds
fuck it
i let the jungle grow right into me
a border of eyes
the thousand eyes of the night
a thousand and one nights
a hundred and one voluptuous days
terry walks off into bondi
without saying a word
i put a little crystal piece of bark into my pipe
on a bed of ash
let me take you to dmt place
i flick the lighter and inhale
as i inhale i watch the flame
caressing the tiny tiny piece of crystal
australias national tree
illegal only if you smoke it
are they protecting our health?
oh ha ha ha
you intelligent people believe
they are protecting you from something
yes its so hard to believe isnt it?
anyway i have transformed australias national acacia tree
into an A class drug
merely by smoking it
what is it they dont want me to see?
and it is simply this
that this here
this stuff agreed loosely upon as western reality
is but one of an infinite aspects of something else
once upon a time
they at least left ya alone to ponder yer own inner space
but now
well look at leary
and the THOUSANDS of people in the u s
in jail for smoking pot
ha ha ha
im watching the flame
as it undulates
and the smoke hits my lungs
a high pitched whirring and clicking
the room alters
everything vibrates
i have gone from zero to a thousand in no time flat
this is the stuff the aboriginal medicine men took
gee lucky its now illegal…
anyway my portrait starts pulsating
the vines start curling and strangling
the flowers bloom
the thousand eyes wink
im doing a gig at the opera house friday
i wrote a beautiful song the other day
aurora screaming getting more high pitched
theres someone coming
the doff brothers somewhere saying
oh kilbey we heard it all before
a package arrives yessaday
its from mem
now mem never sends boring gifts
uh oh
a dazzling kaleidoscopic journey through the quixotic
hinterlands of consciousness, crop circles and ancient prophecy, as
well as an intriguing and deeply personal odyssey of transformation
2012 the return of quetzalcoatl
cmon mem
why do ya think i’d like that
when i got me beer
i got me autopsy (turvy) tv shows
like the young coroners
i got me gossip rags
and i got me just say no
mem also sent me a houdini comic (YES!)
and some cds or dvds i aint even unwrapped
terry lemme introduce you to dimitri
inside my mind
dimitri has changed things
the very bits n bytes of reality are composed here
mathematics geometry music art medicine yoga
all revolving on cone like pyramids
the digits and paintings calculate and compute
the machines revolve and upload and down load
lovely towers swirl out of cartoon coloured landscapes
small playful beings appear
laughing and waving
yes yes you you kilbey here we are
come in mr silver oh we been waiting for you
daddy theres someone coming
the vines growing right out of my head
hey ricki come back
daddy theres someone coming
theres a high pitched babble
my tinnitus has gone haywire
percolating like flute
terrys gone
the girls laugh
the vegetalista stares back at me smirking
the buddhas wriggle
kali grimaces with her necklace of skulls
the islands of the dead
as above so blow
let me take you to the islands of the dead
the warm sun
theres someone coming daddy-o!
fuck doff

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