posted on November 24, 2009 at 7:10 am

summer wakes up like a hungover bitch in yer sleeping bag
the guys stand around arguing in the courtyard
the sun flays em alive
their voices ricochet round n round the concrete
syringes condoms and cigarette packets
beer bottles full of piss
the blocked drains
the buckling highway
the omnipresent weeds
everything has its price
somebodys gotta pay …will it be you…?
the fucking ants have had a population explosion
the males fly off into the gathering gloom
the pollution coats their wings in a smoggy film
a film about the heat n about the weeds n about the afternoon
some petty scandal
some lousy racket
some slut gives some creep a handjob out the back
the cops wait outside the bank
but the real criminals are inside of course
the kids text text text
i spit out phlegm
a car screeches away
the scab peels off
the taxis cruise up
where ya goin’…. ?….
i buy a limp damp sandwich
the lettuce is brown
the flowers start to die
their vase is filthy
the blue arsed flies zing about
the spider serves em up
my nails crack
the wood is full of anteaters
the albino axolotl belches out a worm
the machine has malfunctioned
the water is not potable
so we drink warm flat coke
so we smoke bee greyed dope
so we complain bitterly
so we drift amongst the lanes
so we call up the operator and postpone tomorrow
the yellow fingered waiter
the gnarled driver under the light
the unsealed section
the flats backing onto the park
the community hall with the art class nudes
the scouts smoking cigs in the dark
the billy-o
the get out
the get go
whose trying to gee me up now?
the arachnid fanged tangle webbed finger underlings
gasbag glass faced treated guitar floss gloss hash hiss bliss
we bang on
we hammer on
even as i hate it all
even as my feet burn in my shoes
and my night locks up hard
so what has changed
virtually everything

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