posted on February 16, 2006 at 11:26 pm

theyre playing janis joplin in the olde cafe
weird choice
i was once amazed
along with sum other membahs of the bande
when once
languishing around waiting for dinner
in the rest-y aur-aunt
in the house o blews chicago
this young girl about 11
comes on stage
with a band of these corny looking guys
and they start up
and this girl becomes janis joplin
now ole sk been around
hes seen performances and “performances”
and even Performances
but this is like much more than an impersonation
janis is manifesting thru this childe
the punters around me go on drinkin
as if ya see something likey this
every everlovin’ day
she got the twitch
the hoarse broken vibrato
the terrifying scream
the way her legs went
as she hunched all over the place
authenticity my olde fruits
jj and this sweet possessed childe
i dunno if i even approve or like this act
her parents sit there watching
i guess they seen it hundreds of times
but it shocks me
and the implications shock me
of course people are reincarnating
all the time
but usually who ever you used to be
remains unknown
you probably rarely even would get a chance
to come into direct contact with something
that former you did
but now we leave behind sound recordings
it is feasible
a future version of me
accidentally downloads
a loada olde music
from way back in the 2000s
and he hears somethin by me
and he kinda wakes up to it

i dunno
could this kid actually be jj come back
beats me
it fucking seemed like it to me
and im sure the 5 pipes o the chicago chronic
had not altered my preceptiones hat alll
the kid was magnificent
however she did it

so many geniuses out there
my mother joycie
at a late age
realised she was a lawn bowls genius
(tho she still wont admit it)
she was in a nsw team
she got more trophies than the thorpedo
she had an innate ability to understand
spatial relationships
the parabolas of rolling spheres
and the energy needed for propulsion
im sure she was also good at drinking cups of tea
and having a natter
everybody a genius at something
i heard about a bloke
he was a genius at rolling cigarettes
he could roll up a bloody rollie
quicker neater straighter
than any other idiot in his local pub
this guy is a legend round those parts
a rollie legend
people would crowd around and cheer
when this fella rolled up a fag
his goode quack
little fella give up the cigs
or its curtains
little fella gives up the cancersticks
as doc says
deprived of his one thing
that one special art
that He was a genius at
he withered
and died anyway
of a broken fuckin; heart, fiendss!
so dont take mah blogge off me mama momamma
just let me have a little everyday
i’ll be a functioning bloggy
i’ll pay my taxes
raise my childs
stop hitting weeds with sticks
or making dams in the gutters on rainy days
i’ll polish my blundstone booties
with spitnpolish
till i can see my enigmatic grey eyes
in the patterns
the flying ants make
in the australian night
im glad you could be with me today
thanks for stopping by
yes yes mrs jones
hows yer berts lumbago
(mustnt grumble)
yes yes captn misere
i too saw bob calvert
one night upstairs in hamstead heaf
or somewhere
he read his poetry
i bought a copy of his book
he was brilliant
beware of sonic attack!

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