posted on February 22, 2008 at 10:27 pm

every morning is perfect
how could it not be?
maybe not perfect for you…..
but still perfect
i’m sitting here at my ibook g4
eating shredded wheat with rice milk n raw sugar
i wake up early after a wild day
including talking nk into having a swim in sea
cmon im saying youll feel so refreshed
cmon i say i’ll watch scarlet
nk goes in
shes frolicking around in waves
oh steven i’ve been stung
sure enough
a bluebottle jellyfish has wrapped round her arm
stinging and burning
shes very brave but in excrutiating pain
we get home after a nasty windy walk
even the air is making it hurt moans my poor baby
only after hours does the pain disappear
nk recommends hot water as most viable remedy
but once yer stung….yer fuckin’ stuck, mon
anyway then i start noticing spider references
a guy from sweden writes to me
in a band called the arachnophobias
then we see and talk about spiders all day
at nielsens park in the changing rooms
finally last night
after a lotta love n intoxication
i sit out in the darkness on my balcony
sitting on my backstep naked
its 2 oo am…its a balmy nite
no one can see me
anyhow im sitting out there
im watching the moon cast delicate rainbow aureoles
on fleece like clouds who were inching their way across
a black night sky
i must admit i was pretty vacant
(theres always a fuckin’ catch!)
then a red station wagon comes slowly up my street
and this dude just stops in the middle of the road
jumps out and is running around with a torch
looking at stuff
he starts walking down my path…
and oh no i cant fuckin’ believe this..
hes walking up my steps
im frantically waving my arms at this idiot
“what you want mate?” i ask
is this number 11 he says
“its seven mate” i say
not 11 ?he asks like an imbecile
(in case the number to my house changed but i aint realised)
“its seven” i say very definitely
i mean you shoulda been able to tell by the tone of my voice
a man uses that tone that means no more discussion, right?
the guy backs off n runs around with his fucking torch
after a few minutes hes back
im wasted im tripping im out of it
im sitting on my step in the darkness
trying to get some peace
and im naked…
wheres 11 then? the idiot asks
” down that way , i guess” i say
my tone now is downright aggressive
i dont wanna see this man one more time
i realise dimly hes lookin’ for a noisy party
that fizzled out ages ago
the guy must be so out of it
he doesnt have a clue
he gets in his car and pisses off
i sit contemplating my lost paintings
i sit contemplating art and music and the moon
im reaching some very satisfying conclusions when..
the fucking car comes back
the idiot jumps out and is walking down my path
up the steps to my first floor balcony
this is supposed to be 11 he says
i stand up and grab a towel hanging on the railing
i coulda chosen a number of towels
but i chose this one
i wrapped it round my waist
oh fuck whats that ?im thinking
as a burning gravelly strange pain starts up on my hip
just above my bum
this is supposed to be 11 he says again
i stand up with my towel
and i move into the light
a hot and dishevelled bricklayer i am
disturbed in his own fucking house at north bondi
at 2 15 by this prick
“dude ” i say ” this is SEVEN!!’
my voice is telling him
that our next contact is gonna be me decking him
the australian male in me is aroused and im fucking angry
i guess he finally got the message
cos he got in his car and pissed off for good
gee my hip is sore though
i go in and show it to nk
she says oh darlin’
theres 2 puncture marks like an inch apart…
we then both realise
i been bitten by a bloody spider
who was in the towel
ouch oh
now im sitting here waiting for symptoms
of fever headache deleria
muse: sounds like a normal kilbey day
my paintings are lost for good it seems
i did yoga n i feel better
i see old nepali woman next door in sari
lighting incense to ganesha n buddha
the girls are on the balcony
all over me as im trying to do my poses
i let go
fuck the paintings
fuck the jellyfish
fuck the spider
fuck the idiot
whats next?
bring on the sharks!

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