posted on March 5, 2008 at 2:01 am

im carrying a big bowl of prawns from one little house
to another
im six years old
i cant believe they eat this stuff
i can hardly bear to look at the pink objects in the bowl
the smell disgusts me
how can people eat something that smells like that
the tiny things are monstrous
every instinct in me is revolted
what do you know
i drop the lot in the dirt
oh dear what a shame
we are down the south coast
the locusts vibrate in the trees
the water is cold and green and foamy
i am sunburnt and freckly
all the adults tease me
and none of them love me very much
i am so angry to be a child again
again? i thinks to myself
what were we before then…?
in the time before time
and the time before that
oh i perceive the pattern
you struggle to acquire…
and then
its all stripped away
and you start again
still with those old appetites
those old hankerings
big deal i was some big big shot
somewhere faraway n long ago
these english types dont sit well with me
fussing around and eating prawns
i, whoever i was, did not eat prawns
i did not like small talk
and i did not like to be made fun of
ha an impotent foreign little sod
no longer the big old grand wazoo
or whatever the fuck it was
what does it matter?
that world is gone
the people are all gone
come back as little steven kilbeys in england
of all places
a voice whispers in my head
i was a sikh
its constantly on the tip of my tongue
the answer i mean
i am so close to finding it
when i do
i will put it in a blog
and someone will argue with me
the way they always do
going thru my writings looking for punctuation mistakes
while im laying my life on the line here
if i decry warmongerers they say im spreading disunity
i say
some fights are good fights
krishna said if your duty is to fight
then you must fight
i rave on about the “straights”
quite frankly i dont care about em
they’re trying to tell us all what to do
they’re ruining this fucking planet
heres my definition of a “straight” once and for all
religiously fundamental with no questioning at all
pro guns
anti some drugs (ie all the divine ones)
no imagination
demanding nothing from their art
meat eating
alcohol n bellowing in yer face
no disciplines
out of touch
willfully ignorant
scheming conniving conning
gossip rags and infotainment
gated communities
4 wheel drives in the city

now yes yes
all of us probably test positive to some of those
its just that
if most of that was you
then youre a “straight”
leave me alone
and i’ll never mention them again
just like i never mention telegraph poles or water restrictions
you know
theyre there but who cares
ah but the “straights”
are running this western show
as i said
epitomized by bush
the very worst ignorant aggressive yet cowardly himself
a draft dodger who calls himself a war president
he has run the u.s. into the ground
he does not love his people
who can argue with that?
am i being a divisionist here?
ok bush n men like him
are ruining a lot of things
are we “non-straights”
gonna just sit back n say nothing?
are we gonna blindly obey these idiots
even though we KNOW it our heart of hearts
that they are fucking pathetic
how do you think bush will be judged by history?
i could have been a better president
i said it before many times
a lot less people would have died
for a start
what pisses me off the most
is that “straights”tell me what i can n cant do
what i can ingest
how i can change myself
the way they hound artists intellectuals prophets and freaks
the pharisees who did jesus in were “straights”
the idiots who threw robert mitchum in jail for smoking weed
they were “straights”
the guys presiding at the inquisitions
the guys who burnt down the alexandrian library
the guys who beat a blind lady in bondi
the guys who deforest the amazon
the japs harpooning them whales
the guys organizing world war one kitchener et al
football hooligans
fanatics and extremists
the cops n the robbers
the tali fuckin’ ban
the cia
the terrorists
the crusaders
captains of industry
howard, thatcher, pinochet
fast food corporations
oil companies
arms manufacturers
a guy called piers akerman
who writes in sydney rag the telegraph
he is the straightest of all “straights”
he is the most predictable knee jerking
right wing i told you so “straight” of them all
and you see his little picture of him
(and he must have chosen a good one
imagine the ones he rejected..)
and there he is
resembling a smug little toad
all puffed up in his self importance
as he trots out the 1950s blacknwhite bullshit
programmed into him by the western paradigm
and he parrots it ad infinitum
is that divisive?
i didnt say us under the loose banner of bohemian are perfect
who said we cant fuckin’ criticize the bastards
who stubbornly ignorantly are causing more problems n grief
bohemians dont kill or advocate war
but i can write whatever the fuck i like here on my blog
if im wrong i’ll apologise
who cares anyway?
its all just dust in the wind
let it all go
thats better

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