posted on March 29, 2008 at 11:57 am

light burning my back
wolf with one thousand eyes
director of soul
pineal young
its midnight!
im a joker im a midnite toker
acacia smoker
i am the rider with tongue
i am the ancient idiot set free
oh i rock i roll and more…
the fruit of the sun and air and soil
i peruse the pseudo-holy
neon golden mage
i ride down midnights back laughing
on holiday in a room on my own
call me bark-ah
call me nature boy
call me the sigmund fiend
call me the groover baby cos i move rite in
highway dancer
at the intersection of worlds
yeah baby thats right
open up cos this is where it all comes together
you asked for a wordslinger with arcana amore
you said make mine panther
you said bring stevie back to being
you said type type type
you said dear mr kilbey
i am an alien spirit
and you gotta help reform this world
i said thats bullshit youre just my own mind
coming up with vainglorious egotistical twaddle
the muse said youre both wright
you said mr kilbey help me save the world
you said dear time man give me some time
you said holiday man this aint workin’
you said dear sk youre ok
you wrote in with your cards and letters
my 800 readers a day
yeah count em n weep
800 readers i love you all
thanks for your beautiful vibrations
that is so far out it makes me trip
far out where you said
oh man i said
is this some groovy lil happening or what?
just like in block you said
yes sk said this is block now
wrighters block? you said
suddenly the thread snaps
everything is vibration remember that
an alliance with a bad angel….ooooohh!
kilbey admitted to rozelle asylum
hes perfectly madly sane
no no sanely mad
he shouldnt write all that poetry
said dr benbow
its aggravating his arithmaticks
jesus kilbey youre bonkers
dad said slim dont go mad
mum said son youre acting like a lunatick
my abductors said fasten your seatbelt firmly
the captain said no smoking without me
the captain said i am in trans-mission
i said captain
he said what?
you wrote in and asked for more songs
i give these words to you
the music may appear in your head
may the music appear in your head

nasty little down load there
the light burning my back
alone in this midnite blue
i dont have to burn black
black as an absence
black as a void
avoiding the excess nothingness
avoiding the cold
i am burning colder than kings starrs
i imitate the traveller in the strange
i am uninsured unsure and unreassurable
i am kilbey kilbey kilbey
no youre not no no no
who are you i scream in my cell
yes i write from within the loony bin
is this the song
that all went wrong
is this still that song you ask
hey sk behind your mask
a song for the ass king
hey sk hey hey hey
hey day after day after day
kilbey son of mortal man
kilbey with green short steved shirt
kilbey with power nap
kilbey with glass dont keep out alien sex fiendss
kilbey under earths skies
kilbey a native of earth
call in your outside help
gabriel in front
michael behind me
uriel to my right
hang on
do you believe in angels, dr benbow
benbow smiles
you know roy schieders died he says
and all that jazz
its showtime
energy drink joint codeine
energy drink joint codeine
energy drink joint codeine
its showtime
ka ching
i ching
the hierophant for hire
priest = cura not aura
theres been a miss print
kilbey you are fucking nuts says doc benbow
im actually sitting in ward 13
according to latest university tests
steve kilbey is quite a looney
scientists say kilbey has amotivational syndrome
science now tells us kilbey is 2 billion years old
we have carbon dated his ego and boy its a lulu
says prof benbow
and admiral benbow
malcolm fraser says im joan
kilbey says im jonesing for jazz
dr benbow is making me right this
hes got a syringe of amnesia aim at my jugular
my jugular and my clowns
my dentine is shot
my ability to timetravel is deteriorating
corroded by space
eaten up by matter
dissolved in a cloud of electa-rons
make sense damn you cries irate reader
angel appears says man have you got the wrong blog
st peter says man have you got the wrong gate
baby-lonian high priestesses:
i read about you girls last night
hey nudge nudge wink wink
say no more
kilbey you history sleaze
pornographic priestess
baby-lonian babes
yeah man whats the hurry
linger in sumer where its always summer
44 minutes gone
things slow down
kilbeys mind turns towards sleep
sleep rushes down from olympus at zeus’ bidding
sleep brother of dream
he and sleep were brothers
kilbey warm and warmer
get red hot soon
the moon will swallow you
the ocean will have us all
its 1974
before i went mad
mad as a fucking hatter
mad as a march hare
nun of the above
dont drive now being
look out being
snakes biting you
fleas biting you
moths biting you
time itself biting you
the time biting
in batemans bay the poppies grow
in batemens bay in a caravan drinking beer
no benbow says
kilbey you are here in ward 13
rozelle mental hospital
balmain road, rozelle
your visiting hours are between 3 and 5 pm tuesday
you were born in 1954 your blood group is oh!
how come im on the fucking internet kilbey asks
the internet as you call it is in your mind
said benbow
an alien is talking
you are onboard our ship
now we gonna test you boyo
the witches n hobgoblins are at the door
ghastlies n shrieks
imps of evil intention n unknown origin
youre killing me killer screams
oh no oh no oh no
get me out
he sobs
get me out
blue his mind out in a car
notes alien/benbow
implosion of stars
complete blackness
extending in all directions
at once

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