posted on December 3, 2005 at 1:22 am

you got it all happnin’
the gig yeah a groovy club in newt town
the special guests…amanda brown from the go be s for godsake
the white clothes
the enormous lashings of talent
the distinguished good looks
the velvety voice
the 25 year catalogue with the best songs ever
and then
and then….
jehovah, you olde joker
right at show time
he lets ole sk have it
torrential rain
hey listen you wimps in lundon and nu york
dont tell me a bout rain
what you guys have is drizzle
it spits, it drips
this was a deluge
this was a flood
this was monsoon, my little barometers
it bucketted down
it thundered
the lighning
the wind
the heavens opened up

in suburban homes around sydney you could overhear
hey honey…wanna see the choich tonite
yeah sure
(huge crack of thunder followed by a lake of water falling outta the sky)
on second thoughts…..forget it!

any way thanks god
thanks indra….was that you?
thanks zeus you egotistical bastard
thanks thor you nordic ninny
thanks for raining on sks parade

what can i say
it was all aligned against me
right as the doors opened

the show
i dunno
i guess….
was it any good for you….?
olde sk having a crisis of faith
oh the snakes and ladders of extreme stardom
oh the cruel twists
oh the pain

and then
and then
i dunno
ole sk stuck for words
musta been that lightning hit i took
re arranged mah molecules
cant remember anything
please tidy up my room now
out to lunch
whats mah name
whats mah number
cmon sk get it together man
this be yer blog
how was the show??
fuck the lightning
how was the show?
is there anybody out there?
knock knock
transmission interupted
insufficient credit for withdrawal
please contact your bank
please call home
earth to sk
earth to sk
beep beep beep
this page has expired
sk is dead
long live sk

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