posted on December 1, 2010 at 9:08 pm

saturation of glow

skull still reverberating in reddish pulse

lights come off n on at the periphery

stranded in some troubled sleep

isolated insulated dragged down the whirly pool

an alarm goes off

the steady australian rain

sydney like a bedraggled tart wincing in the deluge

man life sure is strange

there is magic but its not what you expected

power which weakens

knowledge that punches you stupid

things get faster here on earth

my life picks up speed racing towards its flashy full colour climax

the mirrors fog up i cant see them myself

wound up

all exhausted

i read a review of a guy called kilbey and some record from the eighties

i cant feel anything for this cat

i dont wanna hear his record

i got  lotta thoughts but no idea

a lotta ideas but no plan

a lotta plans but none of em gonna work

its night now its really raining

a lorry lumbers in the distance like a bear

the cafes shut early

the  cockroaches scurry for shelter

a bird gets trapped in the house

some rumbling sound like thunder i cant tell what

lights in distant houses glow like blurry stars

the mobile phone purrs and flashes

only 2 fish left in the tank now

cars in the garage getting fixed

come n get it tomorrow the bloke said on the phone

i bought some ginger wine to warm me up

its summer tomorrow but inside i freezing

scoff a load of chocky biscuits dipping em in strong coffee

marvellous sense of detachment creeping in

ooh having my holiday at home now

sometimes life is good and bad and everything at once

a bug in my wine i spat it out

the sky is a strange weird blue

i feel ok


i feel ok

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