posted on June 9, 2012 at 6:06 pm

she starts with s she ends with t (and she's lost 7 teeth)

lily field at the edge of a forest

scarlet asks me : daddy what is a gnome?

a house in a tree

the little grey men

oh they fled their england so long ago

foxglove and poppy

violet and rose

watercolour childhood left out in the rain

south is the winter

north is the summer

at the edge of a forest we see lily field

we see arboreal spirits who tend to their tree

we see the ravens and castles and war for a crown

we see the lake of forgetting

we live the day of remembering

we dream of a night and then it comes into being

and the roots hammer deep under the oak

and the river rushes pleasantly along

a hundred years could pass this way it would seem in the end

just one day

lily field then in her patterns of june

her aprons of april

her man on the moon

lily field where witch hazel lie

where creepy bat and slow worm and trespasser die

she stands at the edge of a forest decor of dew

patiently waiting waiting for you


scarlet says : you should write the end


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