posted on February 14, 2018 at 12:19 pm

you have no fucking idea

my genius is a bastard trapped inside my skull

ricocheting endless in the infinite halls of my pierless mind

i dont forget i dont forgive i dont, for anybody

in heaven i am the most infernal angel allowed in

in hell i am the nicest devil

my throne is a sand dune

my sceptre is a reed

latina women wonder at my nose and my jaw

im under the stars in garden with my unfaithful blonde guitar

singing up distant storms

my descent into the deeper notes accompanied by a sad vibrato

a few of the women in the orchestra gaze at me slightly intrigued

as i trotted out a few characters

so i gaze back meaningfully

i think to them

thanks you understand my songs

the girl on the bassoon gazes at me insolently tho

and i like that the best

i frown at her and for a second she grins

my jungled evening implodes uselessly

yes im back in the past present

the mindless stupidity of the things you come up with now following you forever

someone commissioned me to paint a picture of this guy called johnny danger from carolina

years later i meet his widow on a mulberry night deep in the countryside at this gig

after 2 minutes im falling for her like a fool that i am

we go somewhere people were doing drugs and we kissed next to a swimming pool

the sound of a distant party the dream of a good time

her so confidant and poised like a patrician roman noblewoman

when i got home my genie had gotten out of its bottle

and meddled with some bad ju ju

and my wishes for beautiful things turned into the

sordidly unbearable

my wishes for the sublime embrace of the lover

turned into a rain of toads

my wish for a new morning materialising as a pack of brutes

all of them obvious and mindless

criminal animal weather

my wish for an easy reverie had been shredded and horrified all who could see it

when i was dropped off at the train station

i was still listening to the music

music as if cavemen had come across beautiful instruments and defiled them

music that was like the insane roar of one million tedious idiots

with my head in my hands i arrived at a hospital to see a quack

n eat the cafeterias chips






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