posted on December 27, 2006 at 8:49 pm

dream n drift
tomorrow doesnt matter
yesterday is a memory
i am not one thing
evolution is a lie
they have no idea
how many levels are there?
the futures slide back one after another
is this a poem?
shouldnt you stop trying to understand it
ok count my blessings
here goes
1 um…
2 what….
3 alright stop…
where are my blessings?
oh…..those blessings…
its just that…..
all those bad things that happened
i mean i aint no gentleman jim
should i tell you about…
well you see i oughtnt to have …
VOICES :go on go on
but ya see, i really wanted to…and…
VOICES : yes?
i never meant to…
VOICES : of course not
and im gonna try to….
VOICES :of course you will
the sound of the wind in lonely hills
a man trudging across a bleak landscape
the dull sun
the greenish sky
the man is old
his burden is great
the war ends here
the brambles are very sharp
crows circling slowly
mournful caw caw cawing
elegaic music please
an empty shell on a shore
a broken part
bottle tops n a bit of a net
a bridge over a murky creek
flame red leaves shuddering in reflection
snake glides thru water
hum of bee
rattle of wasps
i am not one thing
here and there
by and by
desolate faced woman
woe, man
woe betide me n you
woman tears make me laugh
what else is there but your grief?
mourning bewilders me
pain makes me hard
night brings out my worst
lovely nights when i wandered
here n there
by n by
the wires sing messages we’ll never hear
the air is full of signal
but can you pick it up?
dont give me your old 123
dont forget the flotsam n jetstars
the crouching under cover
hailstones as big as planets
yes life designed itself
and this is all your accident…
but some of it was on purpose
or were you too mean to give it a meaning?
god it is just the way you said it would be
give or take a few things…
lonely man
barren moors
VOICES: what do see?
i see nothing but the haze
i feel droplets on my skin
ive entered a cloud
i am an atmospherean
i look down on my old house
VOICES : what do you see now?
i see a man sitting at a keyboard n screen
VOICES : he sees himself
is that really me?
typing typing
what am i writing about?
VOICES : time and the distance
VOICES : somebody must
well ok
i guess i gotta do my…..
i mean…
and the answers…?
VOICES : forthcoming
VOICES : soon
soon soon
soon soon



so on
so on

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