posted on July 30, 2009 at 4:16 am

down the rabbit hole
swallow me whole
he was sitting on a flight
that went up n down n side to side
will all flight attendants please take their seats
steve kilbey runs out of things to say
suddenly you extend out and life blurs
flying west n west n west n west
i cramped and cold hit home
i must need my head read
glad i got my shadow or i go crazy
my wife and children

i am home i say to the littlest one
but suddenly
i am gone
my wifes welcome extends until twin dawns
white nights of light
yet still i am gone
i pack my bag i ride to a big white colosseum
the money changers
the fur dealers
the swarm buzzing about again
i sit in the flying tube
squashed between sneezing geezer
and chubby mr business doing that sudoko numbers thing
no bumps
climb out
its warm n sunny
after some argy bargy
check in to modern apt style suite
you betcha
i tried to filmit but it was toolong

i get downstairs
share a ride with john butler
i get introduced to new guitarist jim
after a while
thru my blurry blurred life vision specs
its jim from midnight oil
yeah that sounds good i mutter or utter
the band is good
its an easy one to play
go where ever you will
i give the song my blessings
kev is there and hes so….kev
i stagger back to room
who am i ?
who did you say
i collapse in bed with jet lag
wake up feeling like i been king hit
cant believe michael jackson n gary glitter wore wigs
cant believe the senseless horror of ww1
cant believe the gospels and the gossip
cant believe in the city and its dreams
brisbane glitters outside like a fake sci fi city
from the 1970s
a big brown river pushes thru it
and the city races down to its edge
and chucks bridges over
and then the little beetley cars zoom hither n thither
and all the lights light up
and out on the streets
the old white australia days are gone
brisbane is brimming with every type of person
and i stumble thru the crowded streets jetlagged like lead
my eyes are crimson in my head
my circadian clock is frozen on 3 a.m.
manhattan and stockholm bedtimes both call me
my head cracks open
and out rolls insomnia
in a quiet room i see my new paintings
i hear voices of other musicians
i see them in the hall
the famous bunches of people
i am too tired
i keep my confused head low
i drink peach soy punch with aloe vera pearls
i eat a veggy pattie from subway
i am suddenly so tired
thats all

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