posted on February 6, 2006 at 11:44 pm

i dont know where to begin
a dark stormy day here
water deep and warm and green
i lose myself in it
the wind blows droplets away from me
like spirits leaving my body
no one at the pool
cept me and my brother
the shore is deserted
thunderheads heading towards us from
out there at sea
sydney crouches around the coast
going about its sleazy business
lawyers n judges
convenience store owners
dazzled in their fluorescent lights
travel agents and junkies
bell boys and rent boys
men working on the roads
bigshots in their penthouse suite
(dripping smug dollars and aftershave)
on days like this
baby birds disappear from nests
lizards scurry in the weeds
ants mobilise
children huddle in classrooms
while the south wind bangs on the roof
screaming and moaning
to be let inside
babies shudder in their sleep
dreaming of their last life
instruments detune
and the air passing over my guitars
makes all the strings resonate weirdly
faces appear at windows in empty houses
frail thin old ladies evaporate
i walk along my street
after i have written this
papers fly and whirl
lifting off from these bleak streets
i long to rise with them
fly out of this whole thing
i trudge along
flowers fall off trees
metal comes down on metal
dogs go mad and attack their owners
lines come down
people tune in to strange shows
“manuel on the isle of marvels”
a strange boy finds a door in a tree
some giant birds hound him
he wakes up in an impossible room
its geometry is all wrong
its all in black and white
terrible omens are sighted
keep a low profile
on the run from the fucking philistines
i will never accept their feeble tripe
i will not watch their music
or eat their art
i dont wanna fill my available space
w/ gossip n war n fame n pschological bullshit
i am not a number
im hiding from myself
even tho
i am beside myself
i dont recognise myself
its 11 08
its the last day ever
until tomorrow
the last blogg ever
till the next one
my last chance ever
unless you give me another
i forgot how to speak english
ive become a pillar of salt
i fuckin well packed it all in
smashed up my bass
poured scorn all over my paintings
and set em on fire
i bought a suit
i got a job
i joined the army
i got promoted
i invaded tir na nog
im trapped here forever
see ya round

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