posted on October 15, 2006 at 8:01 am

its over
the tour
the guitars go back in their cases
the roadies get other gigs
the audiences melt back into everyman
somwhere the music resonates inaudibly on forever
receding into silence
the hotel rooms are cleaned
the flights safely land
the rental cars are garaged
thank you if you came
thank you also to the following from whom i
have received cds etc
chris k, ambnt king (19 cds!!!)
roger k, from norge
andy l, from worcester for optical disks
w. w. xin from sanfran for ichor transfusion
mr john c from austin…thank you, kind sir
good lord
im sitting here with so much stuff
stuff to read n listen to n look at
god, where will i find the time
well i know yer waiting for a word on the shows
at the enmore we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory
in melbourne we were nearly as good as brizzy
thats it really
thats all i know
the future?
already in the works
stuff here n there
im playing again friday in mal-born
with gb3
guest singing
check it out in yer gig guide
then vegan day solo appearance
then various doings
stick around fiendss
who knows….?
maybe something interesting will happen….
or what?
e + a = 7
svk=1 (17/10)
sk not=$
where is sk @?
stay tuned
or be damned!

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