posted on May 11, 2012 at 4:10 pm


strange the mind

which harps on without a string

and imagining furies

unleashes them instead

our complicated webs allow us to intersect exactly now


thats it that all led up to now

and thats the other bit stretching away before you

today i am pleasantly becalmed on the edge of sunny winter

all we can ask is being granted

this beautiful day this relative sanctuary

a voice whispers

this is gods work

why would a sensible man like me believe in some god?

a voice whispers

night approaches 

and then yes

the afternoon is rapidly fading before my eyes

the sun accumulated light heat drains from objects du jour

the greenery exhales an oxygenated hit of cool

i wrack my brain for details

but i stumble instead in my head lost in a library

inner library

down row G searching for books by God

a voice whispers

probably doesnt write under that name

of course

gods name isnt god

a voice whispers

¬†under every name…

i wake up outta my crystalline reverie

up in the trees somewhere

i have discovered nothing new

like us all bound to go on

and bound to earth

by a such a silken tape

and a rain of comets

a voice whispers






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