posted on January 12, 2009 at 8:34 pm

deer people
i feel uninspired
i feel tired
i feel old
i feel achy
i feel stupid
i feel useless
i feel decisionless
i feel precisionless
i feel like misspelling words if i want to
the red lines of the spell checkah
infuriate me
i feel so nihilistic
i feel like giving up
i feel like swearing
i feel like chucking in the towel
hot muggy morning in n bondi
i struggle but get nothing done
i procrastinate about procrastinating
i see myself in the mirror n i wanna be someone else
someone young n anonymous
someone who doesnt feel everything
some one just drifting along pleasantly
someone not taking it all on
someone happy someone good
a weird itchy rash on my arm
i want to rip it to pieces
i hear things that frustrate me
i read things that bewilder me
i do things that never see fruition
i lose god in my heart
an empty chamber where he was once in residence
i stumble around oblivious
i turn up for stupid things
i avoid the real fight
i make myself promises promises
i dont get my tooth fixed
i dont get my gmail fixed
i dont read n respond to all the mail
i dont get my room cleaned up
i dont get more n more paintings painted
i plot greatness
i achieve little
let me hate myself for godssake
let me truly quantify my loathing
for my evil twin sk
hanging about and ruining things
as per fucking usual
imagine it
thinking your the bees knees
thinking your the pits
i’m painting a guy
can i get his nose right?
i’m writing a song
can i get the words right?
this exercise was sposed to pacify me
but its just geeing me up even more
i’m gonna do some yoga instead n hit ye olde pool
blather blather
i see the idjit is back on the comms
a pale shadow of his former self
please continue to ignore

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