posted on January 21, 2009 at 8:49 pm

fucking hot day blooms outside my door
its gonna be a million degrees
and its not yet even 8 oh clock
i am the time being
these are my journals
everything you read here is true
everything is permitted
we are making good time
we are covering vast distances
we are off the beaten track
we are in the interzone
here we are in the white hot day of gods summer
here we are on the hill of morning
here we are waiting in the true haze of memory
we are at the heart of the controls
we stand in nepal n chat with lord ganesha
we crash land on cythera …wheres aphrodite…?
anywhere you wanna go just be there
anything you wanna have just take it
yeah life speeds up …i told you that…
but oh
i’m loving being olde
now i have the POWER
ha ha ha
this brief flowering before i’m scrambled again
took me so long to put this all together
all things are becoming obvious again
all the things i shoulda remembered
along the way
i perceive the patterns behind art music poetry
i perceive the lie of the land
i perceive the handsome men n lovely ladies
i perceive the white stars burning in their blue holes
i perceive the children endlessly asking questions
i perceive the evil in all mens hearts
the carelessness
the futility
the ambition
yes i see
yes i note
my many faults n failings
my own trespass
my own cruelties
my own bitternesses
my own lacks
my own unnecessary
my own brutal
my my my
the weather outside turns overcast
i will take my girls to the beach
they will chatter to me all the way and back
they will plunge into the ocean
the way they will one day
plunge into the arms of men
and i…..
i will disappear into the undetermined future
i will reappear
well masked
no doubt
i will come back
and struggle all over again
but next time
i will reach a slightly higher point than this
this steve kilbey in his nice mansuit
if you cant feel the truth in this….
if you cant see it….
oh well

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