posted on December 19, 2006 at 8:20 pm

oh being
oh being in love
oh time you olde gypsy man
will you not stay?
rainy rainy bondi morning
everyones asleep
breathe in
breathe out
today must rehurse with space band
for satdays space vege rock out
please come please. com
space rock: good for the body
good for the soul
think im gonna miss it?
betcha im gonna kiss it!
technicians of spaceship earth
this is the timebeing calling
the time being is dead!
my rocket explodes deep in your narrow night!
and i eject…..
sliding down all them stellar bodies
i, the time/space being
master of this universe
the bass guitar pumpin’ n throbbin’
little robin…..
we been asleep nearly 2000 years
and now i awake and its so hard
it aches..
well i wanna crashland on venus
but what came imba tween us?
if i can hold on during sweet lift-off, fine…
the g-force lays me supine
my craft is steady…ultra- responsive
bio-engineered for smoother sailing
only the rushing is heard…
accelerate silently
then i lock in
on course
describing an arc in darkness
the drugs allow me to interpenetrate your sectors
my ship avoids comets n meteoric rises
seven times i cursed my seven tears
red shift
black dwarves
white hole sun
blue planets
other green worlds
im not your twentieth century man…oh no-o
rainfall of another planet
let your moons encircle me
let your skies fall around my ears
let your futures be realised here n now
n i dont wanna turn android
n i dont wanna be dis-stroyed
jus’ help me avoid
this brainstorm…’ere i go….
beware of sonic anathema
watch this space
calibrate your instru-ments
check yer anchor
put down the revolution
staunch yer wounds
face the night
point me at the sky

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