posted on May 18, 2006 at 8:31 pm

why hello there
thank vishnu its friday
lord maha-vishnu
asleep in the causal ocean
universes floating out of his pores as he dreams
as he dreams this all up
merrily merrily merrily merrily
life is but a dream
no solidity
all is vibration
those sublime rishis had it all sussed
when the europeans were still dressed in skins
all is vibration
if you reduce the solid matter of a human being
you have a little bag of ash
we are almost nothing
our senses have fooled us
we believe in this maya around us
we set limitations on our selves
and others
we forget our past lives
last nite i had a bizarre dream
i was someone else
in another place
during the dream i couldnt remember
that i was steven kilbey
lying in my bed dreaming….?!
what hope do we have of remembering our other lives
people say to me learnt painting fast…
thats not true
i can remember painting
and music
and poetry
from other lives
you see when i am still enuff
or stoned enuff
or unawares enuff
the past seeps thru the barriers
that have been erected
to stop us going crazy remembering our past lives
i dunno about you baby
but i was born with all kindsa knowledge
sometimes i am so close to my other lives
i can hear the voices
when i paint n draw
my sk mind goes quiet
and the artists that i have been
guide me
sometimes sk is going
no no
what the fuck are you doing that for
“trust us” say the voices
and the less sk interferes
the better it is
i go into a trance
and the other men and women in me
take over
i wake up from time to time
whats going on
“shh ssshhh” say the voices
“leave this to us”
the more i meditate
the more i do yoga
the more i swim
the more i smoke pot
the better everything i do gets
that accounts for the hchcurs great surge in 2002
our surge in creativity
i was back
no longer a tired burnt out podgy middleaged struggler
baby i fought long n hard against smack
and lethargy
and indifference
i reinvented my self
steve kilbey # ?
depends how you count
id say during the hchcurs lifetime
at least 4 sks
the 1st naive bigmouth pretty youth
the 2nd successful cynical manne
the 3rd puffy heroin wreck
the 4th the modern sk
the olde but super energetic druid
up early
typing bloggs
and fiddling round with pastels
i have more energy now than when i was 18
these eastern disciplines work people
dont complain to me if youre a lazy bloated
meat eating tv watching ciggy sucking
olde bore
veganism, people
so you can vibrate
so you dont weigh down yer body
with dead rotting sludge
and bad karma
and pain
yoga, people
for flexibility
to potentiate your talents
for the union of heaven and earth
for discipline
meditation, people
for wisdom
chi gong
for cosmic energy
for endurance
for breath
for more discipline
(you think the lazy slug in me
wants to dive in a 13 degree pool
on a cold raining winter morning????)
and finally
and most controversially
yes i know pot causes paranoia
and psychic episodes in some people
i do not recommend it to
nervous people
people with a history of….
(insert yer own nasty thing here)
but im sorry
i aint no couch potatoe pothead
smoking bongs and watching jerry sprengler
yep theres plenty of them i know
im sorry
i have to say
to the outrage of my detractors
pot has always worked for me
after 34 years of smoking the stuff
it has unfailingly helped me re arrange my brain
re connect the wires in my mind…
i hear a c major chord
and i hear the limitless songs contained therein
i see a phrase and songs and poems fly to me
i pick up my pastels and they draw by themselves
no who among you can argue with 34 years of experience
it has ALWAYS worked for ME
we have a symbiotic relationship
dont compare pot to smack
they have nothing in common
if i run outta pot
i wont steal murder rob to get it
i might feel a little bored or restless
yes thats true..
but i wont pawn my fucking bass to get it
pots badde fer yer lungs
i admit that
it makes ya eat more than you should
i admit that
it has had injurious effects on some people
and i dont promote it willy nilly
but this is my diary
this is my world
i pull no punches here, fiendss
thats why you coming to love me so much
thats why i coming to love you so much
my blogge is the truth
and i aint hiding nuthing from ya
why should i?
i gotta a great life going on
and im happy to share it with ya
im grateful to the lord for letting me have
this day and my daily bread
and im enthusiastic and brimming over
with a thousand ideas
i can do anything i like
and i fucking will too
if you dig it
stick around
if you dont
heres yer money back
sk iou $0.00
have a nice day, fiendss
i’ll be thinking of ya

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