posted on August 14, 2011 at 7:10 pm

horagogic impasto

sunday morning coming down down down

the human race in absurd reduction

the coffee the newspapers the fucking eggs n bacon

the sight seers the home makers the heart breakers

the elevators the escalators

where the fuck do ya think youd be without all this stuff?

cars roar round the corner radios blaring doof doof doof

i got my intranet i got my x-phone i got my implants

i got my reverse gated community i got my syndrome i got my bias

i got my stringless attachment and my wireless hooks

i got my blah blah blah and my such n such

my head is aching because my brain is too big

swollen up like a sponge i suck in 21st century

nail me up with your bad reviews

exonerate me with thy kindest words

buy my records

i dont understand anymore what they were supposed to be

i walk in the shadow of changes

i come in the absence of saviour

i exist as some kinda temporary ….

my life is this dream

and youre dreaming along

dont wake up too soon

dont sleep too long




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