posted on February 2, 2009 at 8:27 pm

i’m being questioned by some guy in a uniform
i’m being led away to some cell
i’m escaping dramatically
digging tunnels with spoons
or leaping over electric fences to my freedom
i run down lonely streets in dead of night
i sleep in abandoned cars
i eat berries and drink rainwater
i am re-captured and beaten
help me
this is no joke
i am being held against my will
i am being brainwashed
i am being reprogrammed
a guard comes in my room
we struggle
i crack his head on a wall
i see my chance
and i slip into the darkness
i roam shanty town in the shadows of night
hiding in the alleys and warrens of this place
i lie low for a while
until one morning i swim across a canal
on the other side i climb up a bank
and run like hell into a dense wood
i forget my own name
i live in a cave like a hermit
i live off pure air and the crystal streams
i grow slowly invisible to all but the most careful eye
i am friend to the small birds and creatures
i am friend to the serpent and to the bear
i move through the woods silently like the wind
i eat the honey the bees willingly give
lovely little wild apples i roast outside my cave
i learn the languages of the beasts
i learn how to bring the rain on down
i learn to manipulate the clouds
i send my mind out
out out out
to the great cities of this earth
to nineveh
to sydney
to l.a.
to rome and athens and anywhere i want
i am there now
all around you
everywhere nowhere
i explore your dreams
i float through your nights
i appear behind your eyes
and then i disappear
i sing in the loneliest night
i dance by myself next to my fire
i read books unwritten at last
i invent a million stories you’ll never have time to hear
i test my bonds
i scream at the jailers
i rattle my cage
i pound my chest
i mate with a female they have captured
i burrow under the walls
i climb up into the sky
and pull my rope up
i want to be gone
gone again
real gone
help me
theyre holding me here
this is no joke
they got me
n they got me good
i am being executed right now
oh god
they missed
oh god
theyre reloading
theyre aiming

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