posted on January 19, 2008 at 8:04 pm

i lost my voice last night
it was cutting in and out
i couldnt hang round and do encore
and the whole gig being filmed……
so bitterly disappointed
only once before have i lost it
i had manuka honey
lemon etc
no good
toby from youth group says try whiskey
i did
nonetheless my voice clapped out
whenever i needed it
in wide open road it would not hit the notes
instead a woeful raggedy distorted racket
graham lee donged himself in the mouth with a guitar
(thats rocknroll! says cheeky mick harvey)
at the end i whisper to him
i cant sing field of glass graham…
ok he says
go home and rest
while he dabs at swollen mouth with hanky
will try not to talk
almost have no voice at all right now
another couple of days it wouldnae have mattered
ah human frailty
killer, you starting to fall apart
and so much to do
so much left to do
praying to roman god of voices for smooth sailing
but i fear tonite could be more of the same
im so sad
damn it!

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