posted on August 19, 2013 at 7:27 pm
i said caption i said what

i said caption i said what

lot going on

trying not to fall behind

much stuff coming up

started writing memoirs

so far have covered a teenage holiday and making of starfish

have a book deal n everything i think

playing at a benefit for cora james who is in van park

she plays my love interest the delectable gypsy fire

coras been a bit unwell and we are having a night for her 29th august

a benefit gig

ok please come its a very good cause


sk plus hoffmenn plus strings attached are coming to hobart melb adelaide and sydney

we are also looking at a show in brissie if we can find the right gig

that will definitely bee a mazing

i have an exhibition in LA on the 5th october

and many other things in the works

including ongoing work with frank kearns

and with hu dost

and a load of other stuff!


thats it

behave yourselves



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