posted on June 3, 2009 at 5:21 am

eye quack says
you damaged yer jelly my boy
50 per cent chance yer vision will always be blurry in that eye
he takes apart his model eye
and he explains how my jelly is no longer clear but clouded
clouded jelly in my eye
makes things furry my oh my
makes me curse n makes me sigh
clouded jelly in my eye
it accounts for the spots too and the snaky shadows
it accounts for the music that pours into me unbidden
it accounts for the new panther
reborn from the ashes
like a phoenix rising from a river
up from the pavement and into the stars
ad astra as my friend jules caesar used to say
this clouded jelly got me slurring n blurring my furry words
this miasma opaque
this retinal fog
this ” you mean my right eye gonna look like this?”
this its like a tinitus for the eye
a permanent blur
feel like i’m in a play
feel like the projectionist ‘as been drinkin’
feel like panicking….oh no oh no oh
feel like getting real high
like a fly
that you spy
when you die
as you pass by
on your way thru to the sky
you say “hi”
and then
dont start me rhymin’ ha ha ha de ha
there goes old rhymin’ kilbey they say
as i dance down bondi road dressed up in my suit o’ words
and i chuck out free poems to the myriads of lil’ kids
who follow me along
chuckling with sheer delight
i come to the sea
the blue sea with my hanky on my head
like les down at bloody ‘astings just after the war
coz after all i’m a pommy bastard after all
that means a little inglish migrant kid
ashamed of my dopey pronunciation
in the land of the aussie he-men
so because of that
50 years later
a bottle of ricca donna explodes its corky
right into my jelly filled eyeball
never mind says shiva
open up yer third eye and behold
some other god said yer credit rating is
yoga vs drugs and its a one all draw
no i said crying and running distraughtly thru the doctors offices
which had turned into a dark scandinavian forest
a troll pursued me thru the firs
his breath turning to steam
run doodles i scream to my 2 kids who are there
but i cant see them clearly now
i can only see the left one not the right one
we arent the doodles….we’re the twillies….
i look closely
2 eighteen year old eye-dent-ickles
the apples of my good eye
daddy have you been drinking ? they ask
as i turn around to look for the troll
and the eye quack is there with his secretaries
thank goodness man he says
as a helicopter lowers down onto the roof
someone slips a needle into my arm
and i feel some narcotic ooze fill me with its slime
they help me into the helicopter
i’m all helpless
like clouded jelly
like blancmange all vanilla and wobbly n bobbly
i sit in my seat like a good boy
as we lift off from bondi junction
and out over clovelly and then out to the wild grey sea
from out of the sky
comes a white hot solid gold thunderbolt of lightspeed lightnin’
it penetrates our ship like marlon brandos knife thru butter
it pinpoints my eye
and it enters my head so damn slowly
my brain at last hotwired to the sky
i explode in a kind of orgasmic implosion
that sends bits of me to the far flung regions
beyond the reach of your puny languages
what do you know? i’m not mad
i’m an alien saviour with a rocknroll message
i’m a reincarnation of dante with a fender base
i’m a rhythm breaking fool with that non ending spool
the light spake to me
just like zara thruster
yeah it said
one word
no way i said
it cant be that easy …
ROCK! the light commanded me again
will my jelly get better?
will my butter get jolly?
will i haul my decks with howls n brollies
JUST FUCKIN” ROCK spake the light
jesus de luz
jesus de luxe
jesus d christ
you see
the light was jesus
and jesus was saying
but whattabout my jelli jesus ..i moaned thru the cyclonic hurry-caine
do you need yer jelly to ROCK? the sun of man asked
no ….i said
but what about….
i realised i was in a hospital bed
a drip up my nose
a drip up my arm
a drip up my ankle
drip drip but never drop
my mum n dad sat there looking concerned
mum had something on a plate
it was crimson n it wobbled
its your jelly son they said
oh no i said falling backwards into anaesthesia
deep and warm tho it was i wandered in its semi oblivion
half blinded
my ears still ringing miles above on the outside
where i suddenly pushed up from the sea bed
and burst thru a silver surface
and i truly clambered into the sky
steering by the cloudy jelly like clouds
my cameras filmed away thru their vaseline lenses
i was a free spirit
i was a swimmer in a vast sparkling pool
i was surrounded by music all of it so magnificent
it would make our grandest symphony sound like a squeak
jehovah appeared in his glory
and he was like …glorious…
and angels
olive trees
trellises flowers
new eden
its all connected up says old jehovah
and he smiles
and i say
errr…what about my jelly jehovah
and he says
go forth and rock yer best
and come back n see me soon
i descend home with a police n angel escort
heavens devils
and i wake up
typing away
and still i say
what about my freaking jelly?

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