posted on February 12, 2013 at 8:44 pm
white pastel pencil

white pastel pencil

sorry the cds are all on their whey

there was an unforeseen delay but theyre coming atcha

the idyllist in yer mailbox

coming through your door

your postie knock knock package for you sign here please

i apologise for the hold up

next week i hope to start on a new collaboration with someone

i’m not gonna say who it is until they get here but i’m excited

but you never know in showbiz do ya?

and things can go wrong at anytime

i got so much on the boil

sometimes i cant think that straight

still to come are coral kingdom n hu dost collabs both works in progress

kil/ken is looming large

you will be surprised by this record i guarantee it

and of 21st of september i am doing a solo show with orchestra in sydney

thats with george ellis from OH days

i’m writing painting working

try to stay moving

my rib is still hurting having xray tomorrow

wrote 2 cool new pieces of music quite unusual

i blah blah blah



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