posted on March 31, 2007 at 8:54 pm

its sunday
and joining me
the doodles
both :goodmorningdad! (plus 2 kisses)
any dreams doodles?
both :nope
aurora : we had dreams but we cant remember
evie have you ever dreamed
eve: only nitemares
aurora what are you drawing
a; chipmunks, beavers squirrels n rabbits
all the animals that i like…
do you realise theyre all rodents?
a: yeah
e: what are rodents?
i explain rodents
are you guys happy?
both :yep
would you tell me if you were unhappy?
both : yeah
its funny aurora but you remind me of a rabbit…
a: you told me that about a thousand times
buts its true
a: i know iknow i know
i tell the doodles theyre getting chubby cheeks
a”: maybe we should skip dessert for 2 weeks
e : no ice creams
why do you guys like ice cream so much
e : theyre yummy
a : i dunno
what are you drawing eve?
e; a girl
a : i think her pants look nice
tell me about drawing n colouring eve
e ; its fun
eves become self conscious
a ; i learnt drawing from eve. at first they were people
with big round heads
and legs stickin’ out all over the place…
i dont think eve knows why she can draw so well
e: i dont
a: well i know why i can draw these animals so well
squirrels, beavers, rabbits n chipmunks
e : beavers…you dont draw beavers
a (looking down at her drawing) well i do now
the reason is…
a : theyre so cute!
hmmm..the doodles seemed determined to not say anything profound
ok lets try something thought provoking…
e : daddy look
she proffers a drawing of a girl in metallic boardshorts
its pretty good for a 7 year old
thats great!
e : thanks
if you had to be an animal what would you be
a (quick as a flash) a rabbit
i have to stop and laugh
with her big white front teeth
her tawny skin
when she has her hair in pigtails
she looks like a huge floppy eared female bugs bunny
why would like to be a rabbit aurora?
e : youd get shot!
a : (moaning) no!
why then?
a : living underground
why would you like living underground?
a : id have noisy neighbours….
a : up there…on top of the ground
thatd be a bad thing about living underground
a : yeah the good thing would be if theres thorns n bushes up top
you could just go underground and itd be good if it rained
e : the water would rain down yer hole
a : itd be like a swimming pool….
oh yeah cold rainwater filling up yer burrow
a : dad!
e : i wanna be a horse
e : gallop around everywhere
a : yeah but youd probably get caught…
if you had to be someone else..who would it be?
a :besides me?
e ; a rabbit for god sake…!
a : me!
thats not someone else
a : i dunno what ya mean dad
if you were someone else
a : i dont wanna be someone else
e : why dja wanna be a rabbit then
a : i’d still be me!
aurora shows me her drawing
its a buncha rodents
each one with a letter from her name above it
whats with you and all these rodents?
a : I DUNNO!
doodles begin squabbling over pencils
aurora holding about 20 in her hands
n eve trying to drag em outta her hands
they start screaming and struggling
shuttup doodles its 7 30 sunday morning
it suddenly abates
aurora flings one last pencil at eve and its over
peace returns immediately
e : dad i know something about jigsaws
e : when you see a corner one
you know its a corner one
cos its know.. a corner
a : im going back to bed!
the end

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