posted on February 26, 2014 at 7:03 pm


the mystical deepening evening

thought appears out of mind

i wander around but a hard rain comes down

stranded on the beach i hide in a green moss lined cave

for weeks i survive on fresh water and fruits of the angels

alone except for the ever wheeling stars and birds of the air

alone except for schools of bright fish who dart in the rivulets

the rainbow pools a glowing world

meditating on christ meditating on buddha

feeling of sudden warmth

outside the trickling of water over rocks

meditating on ahimsa with my DMT gland

once a great healer playing himself over and over

sometimes his strength is his weakness

incarnation over and over playing himself every time

the rolling rumbling thunder rolls away and away

lightning so white so electric white sharp on grey

billowing shifting waves

graves of brave sailors

damascus turn around

the old low down

trembling lamb

i am i am




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