posted on December 1, 2010 at 9:55 am

invocation to ganesha

swim n sleep n do yoga

i stare at old ganesha on the wall

i listen to david neil again

boy ricky is above all else a great drummer

me…..i cant play em at all

man its a good record tho

twisting and turning

if david neil had never existed it was necessary to invent him

hes a fragile type verging on one disaster after another

its all here on this record

the wilderness years

the house seems big empty n quiet today

not in a bad way

i can do anything i like

i walk around in my red undies

wow what a rebel what a wild man

i listen to radha krishna temple album on the apple label

i watch the rain fall down on bondis empty streets

the rain fills the flyscreens with silver jewels

the rain whispering pattering testing rolling falling

the rain been with me forever

the rain blowing this way n that

rushing in gutters flooding the slippery streets

rain rain go away ….

the houses look deserted

the gardens are luxuriantly moist all turned on by the rain

the rain giving the flowers all its attention

the rain sliding down the stamens and stems

the rain comes down on the garden

on a black black night become one with the rain

rain oh rain

i hide in my room

i shut the door tho theres no one home

the clouds so thick i cannot see the harbour bridge

thick black coffee

rose incense

unread letters

unfinished work

masks on the wall watching every move

pictures of the girls

3 bananas and a lemon

drawings by the girls

the red clock tick tick but never tock

a day in the life of a day

must trim my beard

must do some work

must make some calls

must walk around in my red undies from room to room

my thoughts never coalescing

my day never coming together

my day someone elses day

my rain someone elses rain

everybodys rain

nobodys rain

nobodys rain falling for free

forever today

free fall


free fall

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