posted on November 7, 2007 at 3:19 am

afternoon hangs off him like a coat
the birds out there in the wind
wind blows from the antarctic sea
rain drizzles and spurts
dreary days dragged across grey
idiots niggle niggle away at his mind
suggestions….who asked for suggestions?
change your photo
change your diet
change your belief
here he was
trying to find out….something..
and the nitpicking nitwits poked around in puddles
sometimes it seems its the same little twit
all my life following me hounding me
chasing me through my dreams
bitching listlessly and whining thru the wire
remember when i wrote about the war
maybe this war wasnt a good idea
oh no
some screamed
i was naive
i didnt understand killing for peace
stick to writing popsongs they said
oh boy gee
my oh my
well um…..
and to think
then panel of experts in oxford say
exactly what i said
this war is achieving the exact opposite of what its sposed to do
but it didnt take an expert to see it
just the barest common or garden sense
like feeding sheeps guts to cows…
how clever did ya have to be to see that one fuck up?
but theyre surprised when mad cows disease comes along
no more forests should be cut down nowhere
no more whales culled for any reason
how is that so hard to see?
almost all unbiased evidence says
meat is murder
meat is murdering you
just like those hindus said so long ago
and then albert einstein
a fool like me
who was a veg and believed in a god
he said
all actions have an equal and opposite reaction
violence begets violence
you become what you hate
you are what you eat
eat a pig, become a pig
its that simple
until the war is won
we must hurl our constant outrage
against cruel ruinous business of meat n war
you dont
unfortunately just say it the once
the world has changed
the world will continue to change
change means overturning old brutal ways
people dont wanna give up their meat
and some of em scream and get real mad
but they didnt wanna give up their crucifixions
or their human sacrifice
or their holocausts
or their slaves
or their gladiators fighting it out
or any of the other rotten stuff from the past
change will come
the planet cannot much longer bear the cost of it
the sheer immensity of the problem
is bringing us undone
what am i trying to say?
do what you can
thats all
and become yourself
whatever that means

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