posted on June 6, 2006 at 10:37 am

oh yeah
im back
its another day
the angry man has departed
that furious fool has left the building
its 17 n overcast
last nite i watch bruce springsteens doco
on making of born to run
plus live at hammersmith in 75
born to run , fiendss
whatta fabulous record
every song a classic
but i specially love backstreets
been listnin to this record for 32 years now
still in love with it
still marvel at its intricacy n depth
dont much care for a lotta stuff the boss did later
but on this one it all came into focus
the boss seems like a pretty nice kinda guy too
and whatta lotta werk went into these songs
if you aint heard it lately
check it out

and this leads to me a curious phenonomen
which i might have mentioned before
the generation gap in music…
yessaday ellis mobile rings
playing the arctic monkeys
elli: why dont you like it dad
me: its amateurish n awkward
elli: you dont understand

but i do understand
it aint like my dad listnin to t rex
he really DIDNT understand
there had been a huge gulf between the stuff he dug
and what i dug
he couldnae abide the electric guitar for a start
and he didnae care for non-singer singers(dylan, reed or me)
he liked trumpets n pianos
and he wanted his singers to SING
with the arctic monkeys
theres been no great leap forward
if she’d been listnin to rap
she coulda said you dont understand
and she’d have been right
but whats to understand about the monkeys
its still the same old same old
spotty youths with guitars etc
nothin new except its truly fuckin mediocre
oh well
im crashing at me mates place
markus s
hes got all these music mags everywhere
n loads a cds
i read that arcade fire n bright eyes are the best records ever
i stick em on
i hate to say it
theyre ok, i guess
i fail to find the stuff that reviewrs are
hyperboling about
the guys who reckon the church are bland/tired/ old hat
i dunno
its hard to be objective
(actually its impossible)
whats all the fuss about
search me
it seems theres more heart wrenching action
in one of the bosses intros than in the arctic fire
or arcade monkeys or bright eyes
(bright eyes…what a flaccid name….!!?)
so i cant believe i dont understand the new rock
or post rock
or whatever
it just seems ordinary
nothing marvellous happning
nor any attempt to be marvellous
(now people gonna write in
listen to this
listen to that…
ok im open for suggestion i guess
but make sure its marvellous before ye recommend)
yesterday i meet the twillies best friends
i get the thumbs up which is nice
minna: my friends ask me what you look like
me: what do ya tell em
minna: i say you look like an olde rocker
then later
the twillies both seem happy that their friends reckon they have
my eyes n my nose n my shape face
i hated it when people said i looked like my parents
i wanted to spring into being fully formed…
but no
the twills take it as a compliment
its strange to be surrounded by gorgeous 15 year old swedish girls..
oh if only it was like this at lyneham high…
i say to elli
its weird to see you guys so grown up now
almost women, shapely n beautiful
i almost dont know how to act
elli laughs..
its so much different our relationship
than what i had with les n joyce when i was 15
we are much closer
no parental distance
i act the clown and we all laugh
i dont need to pretend to be a “father”
we giggle n carry on in an indian restaurant
oh my daughters
i aint been the most reliable dad for ya
but you guys are such fine fine young ladies
enuff of this sentimental schmaltz
sorry if its too sickly sweet for ya
but you should see em
theyre fucking identical knock outs
anyway todays swedens national day
everything kinda closed
dunno what we’ll do today
it aint like summer out there
thats for sure
whatta strange olde place sweden is
the headlines from the paper
swedes favourite beaches to “make love”
and cocaine is flooding the suburbs
(better than rain, i reckon)
the swedes hate drugs almost more than anyone
i was atta party once
where everyone was so pissed on vodka
i lit up a little spliff n people
were literally jumpin outta windows
to getta way
junkies cant get clean needles here
(fuck em let em get aids says the govt)
i saw a poster once of a girl before n after hash
before she made mary poppins look like linda lovelace
after just one puff atta party she made keef richards look healthy
how can ya trust proper gander like that?
prostitution is not illegal here
for the prostitute
but the clients get busted
alcohol is only sold in govt shops
you have to ask fer what ya want
and they go out back n get it
you cant pick it up yerself
which means there are always loadsa alkies out front of the shops
plus frustrated people waiting in the enormous queues
for a bottle of plonk
what a stupid system
what it means is people stock up
and stock up
and drink more instead of less
the system causing the opposite of what it
ostensibly intended
just like the liberty n freedom loving
coalition of the willing
gunning down iraqi babies n children in their beds
thatll make those crazy arabs love us

as soon as one child is hurt
i reckon its not worth it
how many innocent iraqis have to fucking die
before we say enuff is enuff
god bless america?
i doubt it somehow
not after shit like that
its all going wrong fiendss
what can we do
bush is a murdering bastard
him n blair n howard should be tried for
cold blooded murder
they should get the fuck outta there
and we should get some pot smoking hippies in charge
like me n merrick n ra
people who love people
when will we ever ever EVER
fucking learn
hate can only beget hate
war kills
guns kill
children will die
blood will flow
its so fucking obvious
i ‘d hate to see bushs next incarnation
a jackal?
a shark?
howard will definitely be a worm
hes almost turned into one now
blair is an opportunistic prick
hell probably be an arctic monkey
im outta here fiendss
gonna catch up with the twillies
roving reporter

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