posted on November 22, 2007 at 6:02 am

we just wanted a little magic
dont you know we deserve it
its only a slight crack in the ordinary
the man says abracadabra
and swans fly out of his sleeves
we wanted power we wanted to pull strings
we wanted to call down love from the storm
and command love :
make him love her
make she love him
we want to circumnavigate this gravity ache
somewhere i know how it feels to be light
this box of tricks is empty
give me a spell for making it rain
tell us the secrets of life that can be used
the power an old man like me could safely wield
look into the peoples eyes and take em down
harnessing qi to my will
i would pin the mountains against the sky
oh they should have made me the greatest of the magicians
my enemies would dwindle and
the toads would multiply
thats right
i’d gladly turn my thieving murdering enemies into swine
and send a mighty tempest to disrupt their broad band
i would show off at every opportunity
floating down streets
making time go backwards
resurrecting the old days
attacking the citadels of the philistine phools
ravishing the sacrifices i would order
i would transmute bullshit into platinum ingots
i would levitate the whalers up to the dead moon
i would give the rich to the poor
a fearsome warlock
a wizard tyrant with stars and moons on my gown
a druid with woad over kill
yes a priest of apollo with jurisdiction over men
those rays emanating from my tanned hands
whipping up a magical breakfast just like that
farseeing and nearly merciful
attended by spiritual beings
guided by angels
greeted by the daily night
crimson marks of identification
ability to perform difficult ceremonies
available only on outcall
see black board for changing special offers
discreet and obliging magic man
with own wand and wandering attention
more charms than charming
erskine if you havent guessed
walking on waiters
waiting on the alignment of certain evil stars
biding his time
doing his postures
undergoing his disciplines
austere and flamboyant
moving like a snakey voodoo king
striking like lightning and always twice
burning with occult heat
appearing near you

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