posted on November 7, 2010 at 2:40 pm

adventures in the skin trade

bang on n on

antennae pluck stuff from thin air

brain processes it

sensibility filters it

genius refines it to a subtle form

individuality shapes it exquisite

love colours it

passion heats it up

compassion cools it down stops it burning

the emptiness is filled

something appears outta nowhere

nature steps in spirit blazing

the madwomen toss their heads and sing

we love you steven

but when the night arrives

i am even lonelier than before

before loneliness owned me solely unholy

before i owed my soul to some hole that i stole

before i swore that the door was out on the fourteenth floor

before before before

long before

n after the laughter that we bore we saw the true king appearing

uncompromised  he rose rising with the rosy dawn

but i digress

leg before wicked

mangled up in brew

singled out for a single cypher

you can hire a glyph

lamp of this world while we are still in it

still i imagine the sudden jolt of sentience

when patience exhausted you forced into a wall

the walls close sin on you

an award with no reward

if if if if if if if if if if

i rehearse at the opera house

on the steps under the blue spring australia sky

on a glorious sunday

well this is an impromptu speech……

famous geezers wander about

starlets and hospitality types

bottles of water

the sails of the house strain to pull upon us free

we break away and drift along on the sea

the deep green sea

under you

over me

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