posted on December 3, 2009 at 3:44 am

the endless summer rolls on devouring youth
your days on the beach
your nights in a car
the lights of some city in the distance
the motels clustered along the coast roads
that disappear in mists and lemurian jungles
as the companions dwindle
as the accommodation becomes scarce
as the neon blurs into one red dull furry glow
as you brush the sand out of the sheets
the waves crashing on the shore
the breeze rustles the curtains
suddenly they billow out into the room
and you flinch against your pillow
in a load of freezing darknesses
inside the nightmarish world of your dreams
in the morning
in the early morning
crawl out of bed
no reflection in the mirror
nothing good anyway
the pale sea pounds away softly on the shore
music faintly from somewhere
you have breakfast alone facing the sea
no one up yet
the heat is fantastic even at this time of day
gulls screech and carry on in the carpark
the a.c. purrs along
a motorcycle roars past disturbing your thoughts
you yawn n you sniff
you make mental calculations
in your mind you assess the given take
and the taken give of course
try to figure out where all the money goes
try to figure out where it will all come from
a bunch of noisy green n red parrots streak overhead
the palm trees stand sombrely as if awaiting your decision
the granola is soggy
the toast is limp
you pay the bill in whatever currency it is in
euro dollars and chinese pounds
swipe your card
start the car
winding along the ocean boulevards
through summer after summer
summers only differentiated by songs
summer songs
while you were waiting for your milkshake and chips
while you were waiting for the waitress
while you were waiting to be seated
while you you were waiting to be served
while you waited for a friend outside his work
coz he said he had something for you
down in the shadows
where all the white concrete meets the green sea
where the old wooden garage doors are all deteriorated
where the old jetty lies half rotted in the sea
and some old rusty hulk off the coast
and her drunk captain pissed in every pub
and the sponge diver who found a pearl
and the demolition man who wanted to be a builder
and the girl juggler and her moving tattoos
and the tramps living in luxury out in the forecourt
of the ruined motel
and the coloured lights twinkle merrily at xmas time
stupid dog yelps repeatedly miles away in reverb
yeah we drink a beer as we sit round a table
we play cards
you lose some money n you slink off furious
someone gave you a pill and so you took it
you feel kinda relaxed
you lie outside on the balcony
dizzy and dazzled by your own life
as it arcs like a star thru existence

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