posted on June 29, 2014 at 6:20 pm
titanium obrien

titanium obrien














writhing snake head of storm

the gushing wind

the burning water droplets fallen from the skys fire

the barbarian night finds me sworded

the tawdry lord of castled tower blocked shadow sun

liege lady linger in fading light

the evaporation and condensation of sweet love

arrow winged words piercing hold of desire

a stars gravity has sucked you in

you never pay because its a free fall

crumbled civilization ground down into powder

the one who screams truth is the biggest liar

god inside you think of it

yoga or magic

both have a secret agenda

suddenly you break into another realm

the morning will be a bitch but thats how it is

the night approaches in black cloaked immunity

invisibly slipping between dream sheets my etheric body

the red flash within a dark space

the heart pumps hot ichor round beyond all eyes

travelling faster than speed

hurtling out of nowhere and then gone

life in disguise

life in the canopy

life in charge

life mysterious and fragile

life as it is on earth


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