posted on January 31, 2008 at 12:47 am

ooh yessy yess yes a big thanky too all my sub-scribblers
workly workly
yess my pets bless my shivers and timber my whisklers
the beingo worky workly hardly hardy party hearty
ooh he love to nimble his little treasures buried chesty
sniffly sniffo snorty sneezey cough
my nosey wosey gone all numbly numbly
and my cheeky cheeks gone all rosey
silly soddy body mmm no car but hotte roddy
yes yes
my car is stopped but my clock is fast
too fasty fast for you -hoo
like a fire in the sunny son
daddy kilbey an’ his lil woofley wooflechoof
the magic woofle from calamahoofle in fact
ooh he laughy laughly bingle and bell
oh mirth on earth
he play ‘is lecktrick guitar dont ‘e ?
lisson ikin here ‘im
oh oh wotta byootifle songly songy song
oh stevlie sutch a manly manne such a mannish boy
oh stevlie w/ his lickle beardette a mo n all
stevlie steve fiddle and strum
stevlie steve sings but hes dumb
and burstin’ outta the barklied up treebies
like a batty old batley bat from hello hell helen ice
like a ratty up yer stovepipes
no rat or mouse or butt-a-fly or moff
oh yeah baybly nay-cha oh horny scorny brainy brawny
nod the olde fella the killa stebe kilvey
stebe kilvey with his base gittar
ohh its so base its a de-base guitar
a free-base guitar
ooh he loved ‘is blimmin drucks hmmm hmmm
oh he lover boy summertimes warm sulch-tree arvos
he reetch for natta-lee all freshly fresh from showery-wow!ery
shee may bee say oh king rood daddi-boy
oh darlin’ won
oh sweet baybee cheops
oh lover of mummies
oh daddie-rood
oh daddy-hood
oh con-jiggle flower bed
oh con-juggley vizzits
oh kissy sniffy kissy snippy moanie groanie moronie
oh stop writer
stopp nowe howe
musty mustly must stoppy loppy stop
must boom boom boom
lets go up to my toomb
pet teet mort
multiple options
y try?
more for mummy?
yes please daddy-o!
more for children?
no thanks daddy-o
oh kay……!
vo vo
christopher robbin’ is slaying his peers

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