posted on November 29, 2008 at 6:53 am

so many things at once
look its all happening out there
the clouds the rain the wind the stars
me n my baby love
so much more
n so much less
i can do anything i think i can
but i cant make the horses drink the water
i just gotta let go
i thought it’d be so easy
youre just an antenna
youre just a wire
saturday i played the festival
i guess you could say i was tepidly received
i just dont knock their dicks in the dirt, do i?
my glory days are gone
im just an olde geezer with a dodgy voice
no one there wanted to hear me
i struggle on playing
but whats the point?
after the show
lady: i like the cover of utmw!
man (excitedly) painkillers playing soon!
me : yeah dec 22
man : i cant be there….
unless you know who i am n what i do
you wont really dig it
as an entertainer i’m a zilcher
what am i good for
(absolutely nuthin’)
on thursday
i travelled up to see my new accountant
who is a paid up fiend n subscriber
from way back
even his skills
cannot save me from being in deep debt to the tax demons
i got a couple of big lump sums
i didnt put the dough aside for tax
theres a problem
unlike most peoples
my tax is not deducted at source
its my own fault …i dont blame anyone
at one point my accountant says ruefully
you probably think i’m a ” straight”
no no no i say
well i am he says
a “straight” with good taste in music….
its good to be with someone
whos got ALL yer records
i mean
if he aint in my camp…who the fuck is?
now i need a doctor n dentist n lawyer
who are fiendss reading this blogge
just think
i could get my botox shots from a quack
whos got p=a playing in the surgery
or get defended by some barrister
who thinks freaky conclusions is just dandy
or if i had a fanboy dentist
he’d know to give me a little extra laffing gas
cos i’m the fuckin’ killer
n i can handle it
when natalie was “having” scarlet
she had this gas mask on with the laughing gas on high
have a whiff of this she says offering me a wee lungful
it knocked me into the middle of next week
i thought youd like that
said my wife who was astonishingly calm n composed
all things considered
gee i wish my dentist would give me a hit like that
talking of which
i need 2 crowns
the longer i put it off
the harder it will be
any toothquacks out there
eager to drill my fangs?
any used car dealers with a cheap car for me
that wont blow up?
david byrne is OFF
hows that?
thats fuckin’ show biz folks
next thing up
the triffids in melbourne
thats gotta be good, right?
its saturday nite
im gonna get wasted

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