posted on February 23, 2009 at 8:16 pm

i come home
the kids got the croup n the flu
they cough n hack n choke n gasp
i go to the wardrobe n take out another mansuit
slip into it and walk abroad
i go down in historys fens and backwaters
i submerged like a crock of dials
i’m a horror to myself
i’m a surprise arent i
i’m a memory of those gone before
i’m a soulscraper blarney-vore
i’m a kinda than before
hey up n hey down
hey presto too
so much afoot
cant keep up
i flail like a schwimmer in the some are heat
i can master with the aid of this skull powdered cord
back in the east
where easter is faster
faster than horses and witches
the long process begins
yet it must be observed diligently
as morning breaks on the lovely leaves
as the pink sun assumes his full majesty
as fast as i can make it all up
trying to stay ahead of a tidal wave of whispers
i type out the morning on my screen
i am compressing the colours and sounds
i am buried in imaginings
this will make you fissures of men
this will come back by itself
this will occur to me from time to time being
the heavy deadwait
the omni-directional hit of disgrace
the harpoons and barbs of now or never
change my past
change my mind
no change given
no quarter neither
i dont know nothing
i donna wanna know nothing
thats something i do know
i know that for sure at least in spades
much later
the man in the mansuit shop
is looking over mine
oh boy he says
boy oh boy he says again
he checks the fit
he measures my inside ego
he fiddles with my brains zip
he notes down the colour of my sound
he adjusts the gravity
he increases the poly flesh micro weave
yeah he says
oh he says
h,mmm he says
well i can see the problem he says
is it worth fixing tho he says
could costya a few bob he says
hard to get those spare parts he says
he points to a million tiny holes which perforate the suits soul
oh fuck i say
thats ok i say
just do what ya can i say
he shakes his head
sure if you wanna me to he says
yeah go ahead i says
he gives me a quote on a bitter paper
mansuit fractal elocution $ 365
impositioning the spirit drive $366
triumphing the lower interstices $666
registering the ^^^^ $13954
orgoning the conscious matter 21122012
i said
is this a rip off?
he said
trust me mr kilbey

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