posted on April 7, 2007 at 11:10 am

being here
i m f@#% ing steve kilbey, aint i?
(this time)
a cab driver
swerves to the curb
are you f@#$%ing steve kilbey?
youre the best famous person i ever had
he says
i give him a five dollar tip
but not the most generous he sighs
well that isnt true….
no actually there was a cab driver
wasnt there
is that the truth or the facts?
does it matter?
do you think everything you read is true?
do you think bobby dylan shot a man
and took his wife to italy?
muse : what are you trying to say?
me : something about veracity…about jesus
muse: i thought i felt something religious coming on..
me : no muse…well you know me..
i aint no christian runnin’ dog lackey
muse : oh nevets you always had a soft spot for the nazarene
me : yes muse, though do i abhor the twisted mess
and the evil wrought from the super-prophets words
muse : are you sure it was jc himself who spoke or
let alone wrote those words?
me : whoever it was…i’ll take him or her..ok
cos even thru the translations
even thru the ludicrous hatchet job in nicea (nice ah one guys!)
even thru all the blah blah blah
man the nazarenes words do find n blind my heart
even if it is a kinda fiction
herein lies an ideal
dont write in with all jcs negative aspects
the dude was a man
he was of his time and place
just as we ALL are ,baybee
but i dig the bits where he just cools em out
oh to have that power
a truly cool star
one who soooothed
one who healed your blues n bones both
im sure the nazarene would have been an amazing rock guitarist
if he had but been born in this age of quarrel
oh god he was the son of god
but so are you
he was the son of man
and so are you that…i guess
he woulda wrenched some heartbreaking sobs
outta a fender strat
he would have written songs like psalms
a way of illumination
take your sutras call them parables
thats the connection baby
the nazarene n buddha (you fat bastard)
both trying to get you to see
if you had faith you could move mountains
i mean that happens at whatever meta-level
you wanna deal with it on
dont tell me to choose between the 2
i take the good bits that i like from all n any of em
people who could show ya different ways of looking at things
like lord krishna who just defied every rule in the book
he had 16, 000 wives
christ, imagine remembering all those birthdays..
and anniversaries
muse: nevets lost deep in thought
hi let me introduce myself
i am…
(drum roll)
nevets muse
my real name is
you dont have the pixel arrangement
that would allow my name to appear here
i guess a lot of you are thinking
why nevets yeblik?
am i just nevets yebliks muse n no others?
well part of me is nevets only
part of me is for all his incarnations
but most of me is everybodies
if they but realised it…
what our friend herr jung
may have referred to as the collective unconscious perhaps
freud n jung were standing at a urinal
and after they finish
freud washes his hands
jung doesnt
freud says my dear herr jung
in vienna we are taught to wash our hands
after urination!
and jungy says (get this)
my dear siggy olde boy
in geneva we are taught not to piss on our fingers
you see i can do visceral too
and pschykiatrist jokes
all sorts for your easter selection
rants with soft centres
poems deluxe whorls
creme de dictionary
i serve all types in all weather
anywhere anyhow
nevets is plugged in constantly now
he is literally spouting prose all the time
i dont let him have the good stuff all the time
but he sometimes gets the best
nevets i say to him in his mindnheart
heres some of my own private stash
something potent
whoa boy whoa i say nevets yeblik
you know you cant take that much in-spira-ayshun
all in one go
hes greedy man
hes a grreedy manne man
he wants to play with the big boys stuff
and quite frankly
between us 800 or so reading this
i dont know if he can take it
i dont know if he really knows what hes getting into
or even if he deserves it
anyway i should snap him out of it
he tends to drift n digress
he IS getting on a bit you know
i know you wont believe this
but i like him much better now than i used to
he used to fight against everything
even me
when i was giving him pearls to cast before his wine
when i’d lay something gorgeous on him
i will say this
he wasnt that nice a guy…but he never abused me
like some others abuse their muse
abuse the muse
a study in losing yer ability to come up with the good stuff
no problem for me or young nevets
dont you worry
he aint gonna be the great white disappointment
poor nevets believe me his own standards crucify him
even his worst songs contain something nice
thats why he expects the best
mediocrity crushes him especially his own
all those songs lost on cassettes
everyone of em cooked up with care n integrity
nevets imagines his listeners are in on the joke
nevets wants your money and your love
nevets wants to make you laugh and cry
nevets yeblik the class clown
the one who shoulda remain unrevealed
just another writer pouring out his heart
just like shakespeare would do if they had blogs in his day
yes yes
i knew a muse who was with sweet william
oh zeus that genius could go go go
by candlelight in bawdy houses
he was knocking stuff out
and thats what its all about
yeblik is quality AND quality
volume is important for a man whos just throwing it off
nevets got his direct feed
and sometimes i open up the tap n let it flow
go nevets
go go go
nevets j yeblik
should i wake him up from his trance
imagining krishna n his 16000 wives
n contrasting it to the nazarenes (supposed) celibate life
nevets wants to reconcile it for ya
he wants to show you in his way
but hes not sure what he wants to show you
thats for sure
but just what it is…
i mean i could help him if i wanted to
hes gotta pay his dues
hes gotta do more yoga
hes gotta swim more laps
hes gotta play more gigs
run his hands over that bass for the umpteenth time
then maybe
bit by bit
piece fitting into piece
in tiny fragments
maybe maybe
some new clue
off he goes

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