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barbarian quartet

the best thing about rock music is the hair

i grew up in an era of short back n sides

then the beatles rebooted mens interest in hair-dos

and rocknrollers were at the forefront of the revolution

some notable cases :

the beatles. they had every style first then moved on…..

mick jagger . what a wonderful flouncy mop of boyish hair

i love the way it jiggles in time to the music circa 1969

keith . at its best his haircut was one of the holy grails of rock dos

(tho george harrison can be seen with a proto keith circa revolver)

keiths do said fuck you to the man

it said i take drugs and lots of em

it said i play cool fuckin’ guitar….etc etc

it was a sad day for rock when keiths hair started to change….

ronnie wood . another version of keiths only more shiny black n resilient

woody still has a hair do would be the envy of most 18 year olds

rod stewart . yet another variation blonde and more rooster-like

still going strong but changed to a more “moderne” sweep

ian maclagan . yet another cool variation of above cool do.

and read his excellent book too! its the best rocknroll autobio bar dylans

now lets see

oh yes marc bolan who made curly hair cool…which was quite something..

and mickey finn his offsider in T Rex who had lovely long tresses

steve tyler n joe perry. always got something interesting happening

freddy mercury . loved his do until biker phase.

like prince valiant or something..or a page boy gone wrong.

dylan…wow hes had some amazing dos my fave is blonde on blonde

neil young circa his first couple of records ..jet black n straight

he had all the gravitas of an indian chief like geronimo or somebody

led zepplin . all had silly dos round song remains the same.

ok pageys aint too bad i guess but john paul looks like an illfitting wig

plantys mane then wild  only emphasises his debauched features now

bruce springsteen. had a great pseudo dylan do circa darkness on the edge

johnny n edgar winter. amazing snowy white long straight hair

eric carmen. how did he keep that lot aloft?

david bowie. the king of hairdos. i love every variation of ziggy and a lad insane

i really love diamond dogs

not so mad on young americans do

but love golden years hair

still has an amazing head o hair n some recent cool dos too

nick cave. too much black dye i reckon……

brett anderson . thought he had some cool dos

morrissey. never liked his look much myself

brian jones. sometimes his blonde prince val looked amazing

other times it looked amazingly kinda silly..

hendrix. wow! a real statement ! a statement of wild intent!

emily lou harris. looking very good still with steely grey hair

bono. never got it right tho larry looks good in early days

izzy stradlin. modern version of the keith but kinda cool

paul simenon. marvellous blonde punk do

ditto billy idol and neal x from ss sputnix

johnny rotten had a great do at the beginning too

mick jones too with his variation on the keith

peter gabriel . inverse mohawk circa foxtrot was the bees knees

simon kirke from free. loved his floppy blond do in early days

ditto the blonde one in the byrds who looked like brian jones

heavy metal . i hate the kinda hair do. it makes ya look like your auntie

ian curtis . it looked good , didnt it….?

patti smith. love her hair on first album cover . a brilliant do!

the rest of the psg always had good dos too

deniz tek. had a good do most of the time too

liam gallagher. a cross between rod n ronnie n keef (i guess)

the sweet. auntie hair dos again

dreadlocks. an impressive statement. the hair resembles ganja …!


write n tell me whose hair has inspired you

follicle by follicle


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