posted on April 18, 2011 at 1:11 pm

margot died yesterday

i guess it had to happen

fucking alcohol claims another victim

destroyed her god given talent

fucked her liver up nice and good

fucked her voice and fucked her mind

yeah and me

always too busy to talk

she’d ring me up

not now margot im so fucking bizzy havin’ an argument

not now margot i’m so fucking preoccupied with my own bullshit

margot came down to our last rehearsal with the orch

a skinny figure down the back dancing n singing along

swaying in her blitzed out way

all pale n gaunt like a weird woman

like someone from the middle ages she looked that last n final day

yeah we’ll catch up soon i said as i rushed off to the next important thing….

we were organising a gig for her may 22

she was gonna have a superstar band n everything

but i was always too busy to talk tho i had pledged my time to the project

anyway life finished her off

they say she may have died relatively peacefully relatively quickly

watch that word “relatively” tho

when your liver is packing it in after years of alcohol abuse

relatively is a relative term

i hope she didnt feel no fucken pain

i hope she drifted out of this sad n rotten world on a soft breeze

this vale of tears

this veil of tears

she called herself my sister

i wasnt much of a brother tho

bizzy busy bizzy i was always so busy bizzy

yeah i’ll catch up with ya soon little sister i’d say

now shes gone

did she know how much i couldnt bear to see what she’d done to herself

with the fuckin’ booze with the fuckin’ cigs…?

mind you she was elegantly wasted

a real damsel in distress

she was gutsy she was feisty she was a real fighter

but the filthy rotten poisonous grog killed her slow

she went down in agony over  decades

as it stripped her first

everytime you say you want to die i cant remember what you said

of one thing n another

i hate alcohol

i hate what it does

this woman shoulda been singing for another 3 decades

sad day

sad song

sad man

sad tragic inevitable useless pointless waste of a rare and fabulous gift

margot i’m sorry i was so fucking hectically impossibly busy

too busy to chat to ya for ten minutes

i hope heaven treats ya better than earth

if you come back again bring that lovely voice to this earth

margot you were one hell of a singer n writer

why did it have to fucking well end like this?


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