posted on April 1, 2006 at 3:49 am

sitting here in a new caf
right across from the pacific ocean
a not so balmy afternoon
here on the eastern coast of australia
winter winter winter
oh youve been a servant of the evil one
i hate autumn n winter
maybe thats cos im in the winter n autumn
of my life
the cold cuts thru to mah bone
the wind rips me open
and my songs escape
the sea is dark blue
about as inviting as funeral parlour
whitecapped and turbulent
it hurls sandfilled waves
at the shore
the sky is filled with racing clouds
every now n then
the sun breaks thru
it still burns
and itll still burn ya
no matter how cold it gets
the place is quite deserted
the tourists musta fled
real fairweather friends i guess
marty arrives
i guess hes gonna do the books
or something
he berates me for my one finger typing
he says hes got something to run by me
i gotta finish typing this tho
i dunno where i was going now
the cold wind keeps blowing
id guess youd call this cafe the opposite of stuffy
kinda like onetime
when i checked into my hotelroom
in nowheresville usa
i walked into my room
something different here
tho not immediately apparent
its very cold n fresh in here tho
must turn off ac
gee the windows are clean tho…
the windows….
hey hang on
(approaches windows and feels that there aint no windows)
there aint no fucking windows in my room
but the air was fresh
and it was very quiet
sooner or later
if you stay around longa nuff
everything will happen to ya
even getting a hotel room
with no windows
it aint all glammer my fiendss
it aint all dancing on clouds
nevermind all that
a new season has come to bondi
summer is over
thanks for your lovely love

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