posted on November 18, 2011 at 8:42 pm


some warm night will come your way i’m sure

the holiday man arrives without any children

could only be described as a balmy zephyr

the market place shivers slightly as it passes

the sunglasses the beads the hats the trinkets

subcutaneous feeling of nostalgia sepia

my  travel agent  by captain nemo

i dive deep into coral limbo my bubbles trailing tellingly

inside the cave of the earth sea serpents lair

the sound of its heart beat so heavy on my drum

daughter of mountain come

are you alone for once in the salmoning air?

your entreatment of some hermes trismegistus from the coast

the squalls of afternoon were like caves in a sea cartoon

a million houses where we could live and be happy

a million lives where we burn on and on

the sea accepts everything no offer refused

the watery depths seem to reach out sometimes

and to think to myself there are fish that can fly

and birds that dive within teeming shoal of mackerel

silvered for an instant in the film of distant camera

remembered in exquisite filia behind our eye

determining the thrust of the oceans brute girth

seizing the moment by a hook in the sky

unpolite the fisherman who bated the starling

and weird was the wizard who kidded the goat

in absentia garlands all strewn on the pitchforks

and we danced the colossus the road through the night

as the colours burst open revealing a darkness

as the unraveling bolero of time upon time

world upon world

sun upon sun

heaven on hell upon wish upon star

the cafe kinda crowded you’ll like it……

the pepper and salt shakers and all that

i hover above the elongation of love

i glide in the shadow

the negation of madness


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