posted on January 18, 2011 at 8:39 pm

afterglow of our love

the air stuffed with fish

evening heralded by a thousand breezes

coloured stones in a riverbed

fractured basalt relief

continuum interference

the way it was the way it will always be

the way it always would have been

i’m walking away ¬†from it in my heart

everything forgotten

everything not swept away by death

empires beautiful women great fortunes

no you did not know me in your last life

i have never been anyone remotely glamourous

caught between today and tomorrow

i excavate the ruins finding memories still intact

i translate into my own language the murmuring past

its natural to make some mistakes

its normal to undergo frequent changes

frauds and charlatans have desecrated this temple

the work has just crumbled in my hands

some artisan speaking through the years

on a cracked vase or a vinyl recording

overmind undermind

in this life an unbearable mixture of naivete and cynicism

deep in a kings tomb an indecipherable warning

and in the sky

an old star fades up from the blackness

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