posted on September 5, 2007 at 2:34 am

yeah kids
electric fucking guitars
cymbals crashing white
iggy pop all cut up
smash em with your mikestand
cmon real weird
my heads on fire
cops backstage searching my stuff
hotel elevator at 4 am
man i look dead
static airwaves
the soundcheck was all wrong
everything i heard was the opposite
the drums beating still in my brains
the atonal drone of my bones
the girl scribbled down a number
the people were lining up
the moon was like a badge on the sky
i keep forgetting the words
watch out its loaded
my room has been made up
did i imagine that
afterwards we smoke silently with ronnie someone
gettin’ introduced to a white lady
slipping down the back steps
my guitar never came off that plane
a car crash on the beltway
in the back of the limo laughing
hammer on hammer off
slide up the neck to the head
the lights dazzling again
sweat appears on his face
struggle to catch a breath
the violins are racing now
the crescendo moonlight seeping in
a waitress brings your vodka
someone hands you a mobile phone
its your interview
on the bus the roadies were playin’ 8 ball
the mix was a joke
contractually impossible
ultimately inevitable
the doctor shook his head and smiled
change strings during the slow number
the place looks empty
on in 10 minutes boys!
whats my name ive forgotten
during the intro i realise im totally totalled
im checking out but i cant ever leave
the pools heated and the reception is frosty
an intervention in the obvious moment
the nurse says im sorry mister i cant give you anymore
the guy in charge says pleased to meetcha
the taxi driver says where to?
the flight attendant says coke or booze?
the man in the suit says i dont understand
his wife says me neither
a spelling mistake on our cee dee
someone real importants coming tonite
should i bring along my stageclothes?
do i have time for a nap?
heyi need to fucking see you man…soon
oh i play in a band some nights
about 1200 bucks
almost 5oo people
undersold oversold
overdose undertone
theatre lobby w/ merch and drinks
i travelled a thousand miles to be here
thru boiling nights and freezing days
i jump at a chance
i sign a poster
i sip my wine
i do my thing
i try to open my windows
i make an excuse and leave

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