posted on February 10, 2007 at 7:54 pm

you so right
those carrots screaming
oh i’ll never eat another carrot
and all this negativity after a tour
my oh my
gee why cant i write about happy things
what about that story about heyday….?
ok ok
everyday just around the corner in fact
right now
some baby animals are having their teethies ripped out
so they can stand in a pen
and be fattened up with chemicals n filth
and then executed
and served to you
you oik
who is becoming sicker n addicted
squealing in anger n irritation
that someone threatens your little meat thing you got
so why dont you turn off
why are you still here?
i dont wanna share my fucking heyday stories with you
i dont trust you
i dont care about the ratings
i dont care about the money
im not gonna have this principle of mine
being treated as an irritant
if you still around tomorrow saying anything
even a goodbye
or anything
then youre most unwelcome
i dont fucking care if every person who eats meat switches off
go on
just go silently
dont hang about darkening my doorstep
this is my home
and when i say i think the horror of this
so called meat industry is an abomination
it is comparable to slavery in its unacceptability
its comparable to the holocaust
in its calculated n mechanized horror
we dip chickens in vats of electrified water
and then saw their heads off
all with a machine
we hang cattle upside down n slash their throats
n let the weight of their own heads make the blood spurt
we dream up reasons to hunt whales
n we fuckin’ harpoon em!
can you fucking dig that…?
we still harpoon whales!
oh yeah kilbey but thats just japan n norway ya know
it is now!
50 years ago
everybody did it
but it took some people
a vanguard of people
to say
hang on a minute!
we cant have this!
you see
things take time
i had already sussed the true true horror of meat
when i was 17
i mean, it aint that hard to figure out
and since then in 1972
with a few unforgivable lapses early on
i been a veggie
n now an almost vegan
i am human
i slip up
sometimes i do have honey
sometimes i cant resist chocolate
are you gonna seriously justify your own barbaric behaviour
because i have honey in my tea?
please…with the screaming carrots
no i aint heard a screaming carrot
you see carrots dont have mouths
or brains
or teeth
nor was the carrot “raised”
in systematic routine degradation
its whole “life”
nor does the carrot have fucking parents
but yes
perhaps the carrot dont wanna be eaten
in its own carrotish way
thats too bad
its a fucking vegetable
you gotta draw the line somewhere
thats my line
this is my blog
yeah yeah
im adolf hitler
yeah im george bush
yeah im a narcissistic washed up petty tyrant
look im saying it all for ya so you dont have
to bother commenting again
in fact why are you reading this at all
so look
youre for me
or against me
if youre for me
stay here n maybe tomorrow its the heyday story
if you think the animal cruelty is ok
i dont see why youd wanna hear the fucking heyday story anyway
cos every note every lyric every string arrangement on that record
is to do with humanity
and animals being “treated unethically”
(a lovely euphemism)
is not humanity
not how we would want to be treated ourselves
imagine if one day we flew to a planet
and we met these cultured intelligent creatures there
but the longer we hang around on that planet we realise that
the intelligent creatures
have this huge operation going on
whereby they systematically degrade n murder
just about all the other beautiful things on the planet
how would we feel?
im not actually going as far as saying
all carnivores out of the pool here
many of my friends
and very sadly
and you can see it
my relatives eat meat
but not in my fucking house they dont
its like smoking in my house
or spouting inflammatory bullshit
i aint gonna allow it
just like you dictate whats going on in your house
so i cant say to people
oh if you eat meat you cant come in
but i can ask them not to espouse pro-death industry improperganda
or i’ll fuckin ask em TO leave
and thats how it is now
if you seriously think i was outta line by mentioning the piggies yessaday
if you are impatient with this veggie burger bullshit
if you are some little argumentative prick
quoting all the same old carrot-hitler cliches….
baby this meat thing is evil
i will never ever believe it isnt
i know
that one day
in a not too distant future
not as far off as you think
meat eating will gradually go off the menu
meat eating will disappear
just like fox hunts
capital punishment
circumcision of anybody
all these evil things will slowly fade
if we can keep going
just like the atrocities of the past gradually have faded
yeah like the witchtrials (dont be so negative stevo!)
yeah just like the inquisition(cmon sk, what about heyday?)
yeah just like the crusades(gee this is boring..chill out)
yeah just like the indians
and the other indians
and the aborigines
and then in dickens time
the fucking children
children were in coalmines etc etc etc
some people at the time turned a blind eye
cmon dont be so negative…
what about heyday
hey what about martys ricken backer?
yeah yeah
you see i reckon meats time is up
did you read yessaday article that says
that global warming more affected by meat ind than car ind
if everyone became veg = more time for planet
and quite frankly
on a personal level
the meat you eat
unless youre catching yer own fish
or slaughtering your own “organic” little lambie chop
(“organic” meat..? yeah thats like “lo cal” coke, right?)
or unless you hunting n killing your own food
well that meat is very very nasty
its full of SHIT!
and quite frankly baby it shows
i can tell em
the meat eaters
and i feel sad
that i am incapable
of expressing to you
with all my wordplay
with all my music
with all my pseudo spiritual bullshit
with all my bitter heartfelt honesty n scorn
with all my self examinations
with all my vanity n envy gladly exposed
who else was giving you that
bringing you in my house n meeting my kids
my hopes
my fears
my dreads
i was laying it out here for everyone to see
people say im a hypocrite
ok i am
i guess if you say so
look i didnt want ya to agree with everything i said
i really didnt
and fawning sychophants are as bad
as harping detractors
but this exile im asking you to undertake
is because
well verdelay actually summed this all up in that comment yessaday
this veg thing is not an affectation to me
this is a cornerstone of my life
like my maleness
like my age
like my heterosexuality
like my vegetarianism
its who i am
and from time to time
i will use my blogge
to proselytize to ya
because vegetarianism
is what made me what i am
and im trying to share it with you
just like the heyday story
if you dont like that
then go
subject closed for now
seriously rude comments will be deleted
yes baby
im the stalin of vegetarianism

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