posted on January 9, 2012 at 9:19 pm

column blind

just a short note

i am working hard on the soundtrack

this logic program is a lotta fun for a composer

getting the hang of it a bit

meanwhile the wars rage on

my war on everything else i suppose

gonna go down fighting never gently

all the people i fight depend on me but never vice versa

i am insane in a different way

i am realistically insane

i am insane yet quite reliable

i mean i turn up don’t i?

a lot of people kinda depending on me

in all kinda different ways

the pressure is subtle yet its continuity is crushing

tears threats mumbles harsh voices

i ask for so little back….from anyone….

just friendship i guess just be reasonable

i guess my idea of reasonable is unreasonable

i want a quiet life i want to create

it is a waste of my time doing anything else

i have so much yet to create and probably not so much time

everything else is a drain

the world spins harder faster more wildly

more great successes more devastating failures

strangers veneration and the familiars avoid

i am loving and hating being me

i am not steve kilbey

he is an actor he is a mask

he is a temporary aberration

a ripple on a stillness that is eternal

yet all this music all these words all these ideas

the universe has widened my bite and shortened my leash

other peoples madness is driving me crazy

at least i realise i am one tune  short of an album

I’ve turned my nuttiness into songs for fun and prophet

i have turned into something rare right before our eyes

believe me all the stuff now comes to me effortlessly

as if by magic

it kills me to know i will have to die

abdicating from my brain so packed full of good ideas

and start all over again

struggling just to get back to where i am now

a true master (baiter)

your humble fool


bondi beach with ocean glimpses

yeah bikinis and sunburn

thats the place

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