posted on December 14, 2007 at 8:42 am

i want to leave yesterday and my grumbles behind me
(although you notice someone try to always have the last word)
today elli and minna were awarded prizes from school
karin n i attend
they jumped in
in a sydney high school
halfway thru the year
they dont speaka the inglish as their first lang
and know bugger all about australias history etc
yet they cleaned up a load of subjects
coming in top 3
both could have brilliant scholastic careers
and aint it funny
i’d much rather they became top doctors or diplomats
than rockstars
whats happened to me?
i wanted a life of sex drugs and rock for myself
but for my five daughters
i want chastity sobriety and academia
oh yes
aurora and eve came home with some awards
aurora won a set of oil pastels
she let evie use em
but she insisted they go back in the right place
until eve had a friggin’ meltdown
aurora was laying a lovely trip on her
seemingly generous
but ultimately controlling
human beens…you gotta laugh
elli and minna have everything it seems girls could want
elli is popular and friendly
minna is groovy yet restrained
they are stunningly beautiful and growing more so by the day
they are extraordinarily intelligent
oh i want them to succeed in whatever way they want;
to see em change from tiny premmy red screaming things
to confident charismatic young chicas
pang brudar you’d call em in swedish
(bang brides….dynamite chicks)
i know i’m now just a father raving over his bloody kids
but christ
identical twins
so different
so the same
been down low too
and still not or ever out of the woods
there had to be catch i guess
it seems you never get everything
theres always a shadow
it wouldnt be this world if not
i was seriously envying the divinyls
for all the money it seemed they were gonna make
and then chrissie reveals her ms
god i feel such a fool
yes i met her the other night
a gracious lady
she said i may be deaf but im “still gorgeous”
i guess that immediately put me on her side forever
its a good way to start a conversation anyway
i havent seen them yet
but i will in melbourne
brother john said they sounded better than us
he went home and bought some of their tracks from eye-choons
i dont think we’re knocking their audience dead
you know
they like us but…
but what?
but we’re too……..needlessly highbrow and complicated
the other night
im singing my stupid lyrics
we sought protection in artificial youth etc
i look into ye olde ordience
theyre got that look
schoolkids get
when the teachers boring their pants off
though they know they somehow should listen
the church were shite says one divvies fan on his blogthing
we are not everybodies cuppa tea
thats ok
we are not the kinda support band that slays the crowd
or steals the other lots fans
we are are a slow soft explosion in their minds
maybe afterwards theyll think about it
some fans are even determined to hate anyone other than their idols
they hate you as a matter of course
its nothing personal
im neutral to the divinyls
i dont love em
i dont hate em
theyre a lot better than a lot of others
i have a little soft spot for them
cos we’re from the same place and era
like us they had a big hit in the us
good luck to em
i cant complain
i will review em at some stage
but they are nice people to work with at any rate
a friend of mine saw chrissie backstage
shes a fuckin’ icon he said over n over
if i had a wish
it really would be that they might find a cure
for this rotten illness
in the meantime
i take my hat off to her resilience and determination
talking of illness
went back to earquack
in medical talk
my hearing is fucked
my left ear still with no tympanic resonance
my right a ringing yet muffled mess
dont feel sorry for me
i dont
its just an occupational hazard
its horrible
but after all
i did it to myself
i was warned
i kept on going
now the damage is done
will need a breakthrough in ear medicine to fix it now
thats life folks
dont worry
i wont turn off the flow of music till i die
but just keep in mind that the odds are changing…
scarlet kilbey is a hoot
shes been hanging around with me a bit
and shes nothing like any the other kids
a stubborn and finnicky little person
like she was an empress in her last life
an expert guilt trip layer
a devoted killjoy too sometimes
running round crying
while the rest of the family
is trying to enjoy themselves
specialising in waking up at the worst moments
not going to sleep when everybody wants her to
weeing on the goddamn floor if she bloody well wants to
breaker of delicate things
loser of ipods
trasher of rooms
destroyer of toys
interrupter of conversations
she comes out and hassles me
when i’m doing yoga
always being wherever i want to be
i get in dog pose
i open my eyes
theres scarlet half an inch from my face
her eyes wide
her tongue coming out trying to lick my face
good lord!
weather is loverly
donald b came round
we went for a swim at neilsens park
the flowers and stuff
evie and i wrote our name in the cement path
a while ago
and its still there
thats enough
2 nights
see ya

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