posted on October 27, 2013 at 8:35 am
cathedral by the sea

cathedral by the sea

the wild october saturday night is black in the sea

the deep echo of other times

the memory of people long gone away

the rolling waves still cast the spell

the salty air is full of dreams

full of unrequited love

the tongues of evening all talked out

the fork in the road where every one parts

in interim lives

interweaving all stories

improbability builds up

coincidences are stunning

the night is a mill throwing everything out

the night is a robber cloaked in its own darkness

the night is a surgeon opening your chest

the night is an actor pretending to die  on a stage

the night is a fool and it urges you on

the night comes over and has a beer with you

the night you remember the night you forgot

its saturday night and everything is quiet again

the sea hitting the shore the wind in the trees

somewhere this and that are happening

overdosed youth and quarrelling mob

somewhere the traffic screams to a halt

idiots sloshing down booze and dropping E

strangers fuck in a hotel or in a bedroom at a party

hoarse shouts of boys and screams of girls

i am immune

the sea rolls in again

a christmas beetle buzzes round and round

the screen glows

ears ring

eyes ache

my work here is nearly done




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