posted on January 8, 2010 at 8:53 am

the chruch had a meeting in bondi today
on n on n on it went
our next move
our next release
our blah blah blah
why theres never any money leftover
why theres this bill
why theres that bill
what happened with this
how much does blah owe us
how much to we owe blah
who caught that taxi then
whos gonna do this
whos gonna undo that
oh man
a million complicated questions n answers
leading to more q n a
going round n round
i zone out
come back to earth
theyre still talking about blah
anyway we all got on quite well
it was all very cordial
onwards to 2010 including new tours n records n special events
nothing chiselled in stone though
europe usa on the cards
i guess
this n that
i dunno how it all works
a million figures shout at me from brandished documents
i see the first column of numbers n i tune out somewhere else
something says concentrate but i cant
i’m the minister for esoteric affairs
the books baffle me coz i cant concentrate
my mind wont go where i try to push it
it wont
no more will my fists smash through a brick wall
no more can my eyes see far off distances
the record n publishing businesses are so complicated
%s of this n that n the other
no bastard really seems to know how it works
the 3 experts in the church all got different takes
every figure or statistic is as interpretable as any dada poem
every occurrence can be used to prove yer pointa view
we’re all good mates
we’re gonna continue
we’re gonna try n be good
sure of course
its a given

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