posted on December 6, 2009 at 9:02 pm

the chrunch hit melby
one night at corner electric
one night in fitzroy acoustic
gee electric nite sold out
like many of gigs on this tour
the zoo
the 2 perth gigs
the 3 lizotte gigs on central coast n newk
(hi my good mate davey run-dell)
my mums coming to 1st lizotte gig too
so if you sit next to my mum
be nice to her…please…..or else….
she still wields a mean wooden spoon
the corner hotel was a great night
we rocked baby we verily rocked
usual caper
lotsa sweating n shaking n singing dem debils words
i pluck my bass
i emote my lear-icks
i send em all home
i put the whole thing to bed
tim pounds
marty n pete strum n roar
craigie wilson on keys does a sterling job
his band streetlight song are AMAZING!
3 guys making a lotta sound
didja realize sammy bright on guitar is tims son
in a family explosion we also have petes daughters in the kicks
who played down mean lean n dirty rock too
we were pretty good ourselves
not 100% but about 85
we often ” choke” a little in syd or melb or new york …
we choked just a little little
3 encores
i was dripping wet with sweat
my cold was pounding me
but rock got me thru
fitzroy gig another thing
we loose n funny
acoustic fun
lotsa jokey jokes
lovely audience
a few different songs
a few the same
we still manage to “rawk”
many men calling out that they loved me
i mean…isnt that sposed to happen in sydney…?
we did 2 encores
pete a great night on piano
blah blah blah
terrible news before we go on
that a good friends sister had passed away
dampened things a little

now to fly home
with jorden brebach the 5th member of the church
see scarlet kilbey n the gang in n bondi
if you came…thanks for coming
if you didnt…..thanks for nothing
if you couldnt…too bad
next 3 nights at lizottes
central coast n nuke-arse-l
better be quick
lotsa love etc etc etc

the killer in me

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